which university is better for media studies: Kent, Leeds or Kingston ?

I have an offer letter from the following universities for the along mentioned course

University of Leeds - MA Public relations

University of Kent - MA Film Studies

Kingston University - MA Media & Communications

I wanted to know which among them is better regarding job perspectives.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Personally, due to academic superiority, degree specification, and prestige, I would say Leeds.

    Public relations will be considered more profoundly than those applicants with Media studies degrees.

    And as a side note, having been to all three Universities, Leeds city is categorically more prospective in terms of employment. I also live here, and, it's just better. I'm funny I know.

  • 8 years ago

    Whilst I don't have the personal experience of these 3 Uni's that Yoo has, I will agree by saying that Leeds sounds like the best choice. But it really depends on what you want to do, you have 3 different degrees there and whilst they all share similarities, I would say that they are quite different. A Masters degree is the time to specialise in a particular field, so you may not get elements of all three on one course.

    In terms of the Universities themselves. Leeds is more academically renowned in rankings such as the Times and Guardian, but I always like to hear the first hand experiences of what the Uni is like, from the students themselves. For that I would have a look at the reviews for each uni on www.whatuni.com

    Leeds - http://www.whatuni.com/degrees/university-uk/unive...

    Kent - http://www.whatuni.com/degrees/university-uk/unive...

    Kingston - http://www.whatuni.com/degrees/university-uk/kings...

    You might be able to find a review of one of the courses that you are thinking about.

    Source(s): www.whatuni.com
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    4 years ago

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