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Opinions on my best friend, please (especially guys)?

Apparently the first time I asked this question it wasn't submitted for some reason so here it goes again (sorry if it gets long).

So, I really like my best friend. He's the best person I've ever met. He gives me reasons to believe he likes me too but there's a problem, he's been in a relationship with another girl for 4-5 years. But he still does/says things that I feel like normal friends don't do, and I'd like to get some opinions on that.

1) He's always calling me cute and attractive. He'll just randomly do it.

2) He loves using winky faces (really just emoticons in general I suppose) when we text.

3) He's told me the only reason he hasn't transferred schools is because of me.

4) He has this look he gives me. He tilts his head a little bit, looks all relaxed, gets this involuntary (I think) smile and just looks me in the eyes like I'm the most important thing to him. He does it all the time, when I'm talking, when we're in an elevator, when we're just hanging out, always.

5) (1-4 might not be that big of a deal, I don't know. But #5 is what made me come to yahoo!answers) So, me, him, and our friend went out to a bar. I don't dance but they do. After a while of me just sitting and watching them dance he made me dance. We both danced like fools and it was very friendly. After, he kissed my hand and we sat down. Then our friend left so it was just us two. He wanted to dance again so I gave in and we did. At first it was still just two friends dancing, being foolish and having a good time. Then, he pulled the cliche "spin the girl around and then pull her in close" move. At first it was sweet, dancing a little more intimately with him, my arms around his neck and his on my waist. He wanted me to keep dancing to the fast paced music so I did, even though we were really close. After a while I thought "he has a girlfriend, he's probably dancing this close because I am and he doesn't want to offend me" so I tried to pull away. He'd get all sad and pull me closer, as close as possible, and bury his chin/face in my neck/shoulder. He only pulled away once to rest his forehead on mine. Then one girl came over and was like "aww you guys are so cute" and it didn't even phase him. It made me nervous but he just kept on dancing. And there were so many times where I thought "if my life was a movie, this would be where he'd kiss me". We were dancing for about three hours like this.

6) I almost forgot. We go to school together but our houses are 5 hours away. But he wants to visit me this summer, and he wants me to visit him.

Sorry for the length of this post but I'd really appreciate it if I could get some opinions on this, especially from guys. Do you think he sees me as a best friend, or something more? Thank you.

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  • 7 years ago
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    he probably likes you. i've been with my bf for almost five years now, but i still flirt all over the place because that's just how i am. he doesn't mind much. however, the few occasions where my platonic flirting turned to intimate interest, i started acting much like your friend did. my flirtatiousness was prevalent with most of my friends, but i only said cute stuff like that when i was actually interested. how does he act when you're alone together?

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  • Pete
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    7 years ago

    It sounds like your friend has two just don't see it yet.

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