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Causes of Brown v Board of Education?

In a SHORT answer I need to know what caused the Brown v Board of Education!

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    After the Civil War, Southern States began to establish public schools, but on account of social and economic differences, they did not want white children and black children attending school together. Therefore, they inserted provisions in their state constitutions and statutes requiring that separate schools be maintained for white and black students. Racial segregation was mandated in other areas of life as well, such as on railroad cars, and it was not limited to Southern states. The question arose whether such segregation laws violated the U.S. Constitution.

    On at least seven separate occasions, spanning a time period of nearly 60 years, the United States Supreme Court held, either explicitly or by necessary implication, that it was permissible to require separate facilities so long as equal provision was made for both races. See Plessy v. Ferguson, 163 U.S. 537 (1896); Cumming v. Board of Education, 175 U.S. 528 (1899); Berea College v. Kentucky, 211 U.S. 45 (1908); Gong Lum v. Rice, 275 U.S. 78 (1927); Missouri ex rel. Gaines v. Canada, 305 U.S. 337 (1938); Sipuel v. Board of Regents, 332 U.S. 631 (1948); Sweatt v. Painter, 339 U.S. 629 (1950).

    The in 1954, without any change in the relevant text of the U.S. Constitution having occurred, the Supreme Court changed its mind, decided Brown v. Board of Education, and caused a controversy that, in some respects, we are stll dealing with today.

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    black people wanted rights when they didnt deserve them same thing goes for women

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