Trainee of YG entertainment?

YG can kick out their trainee when they want. Although you're sign the contract. It's true. Thank you!

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  • 7 years ago
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    if you are not a trainee yet then dont worry about it. they dont just kick out their trainees for no reason. what they do is every week trainees need to improve and improve and they do a lot of contests so they could point out weaknesses and strengths in a trainee. it's how they determine if you can debut early.

    but from what i know it is really hard to debut in yg. there are alot of trainees that quit because they cant wait to debut so they sign with other entertainment companies, then they can debut earlier.

    if you have lots of talent then you dont have to worry being a trainee. it's hard but if you are patient then you'll make it.

    besides the staffs of yg are nice from what i hear unlike in sm that managers are always strict. if yg trainees have to work hard, sm trainees have to work twice as hard. that's what i;veread, heard, and i know some people who quit being trainees in yg.

    now im not discouraging you. but yg chooses 50% talent and 50% looks.

    dont worry and give it a try. fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 7 years ago

    whats the question?

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