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Are Canadians less racist then Americans?

I live in America, but Americans tend to be quite racist, mentioning race and stuff. Do Canadians do the same? labeling people? I heard in Canada , Canadians are Blind to race?

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    Canadians are MUCH less racist than Americans. It's not that there is no racism, but, we are the least racist country in the world.

    As a Canadian, I find the levels of racism in the USA shocking when I go there in trips. In Canada, there are no racial "enclaves" in cities; people live wherever they can afford. Mix-raced couples are common, and no-one even comments on them.

    My daughter is certainly blind to race. When she would meet someone new in school, she would describe them in detail - and never mention their race. It never occurred to her. This is really common, especially amongst younger people.

    In the USA, you fill our race on applications for jobs, school, etc. That is actually illegal in Canada.

    • Walther5 years agoReport

      Filling race type on job applications illegal in Canada? I am a new (black) immigrant to Canada and am ALWAYS asked to indicate if I am from a "visible minority group" in more than 95% of job applications.. this includes being asked if I am "Aboriginal or black" etc Are you sure its illegal?

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    Not only it's racist but also discriminatory, New law came into effect where Canadian citizens would be considered second class. If a person decides to move to another country after becoming a citizen, the Gov't can accuse him/her of having no intent of staying in Canada at the time he applied for citizenship. How messed up is this? Did it ever occur to gov't that people move out mostly out of desperation after having working menial jobs despite having education and experience from back in their country of origin. There is a lot more clause in this new law, google it and you would know what i am talking about.. Instead of investing money in economy by lowering taxes and giving incentives to employers to recognize foreign degrees, the Gov't further oppresses it's citizens. I guess opening bunch of "Employment centers" where you can use internet and fax service boosts Canadian economy to the max.

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    There's racism everywhere... there will always be people that are either afriad of "the other" or have preconceived notions of "the other". The US has more of a history, particularly between black and white, that Canada doesn't have. That said, I live on the prairies... there's racism here against native people. Anyone that tells you there isn't is either ignorant or lying. There are alot of French Canadians that don't like English Canadians (and vice versa), there's stereotypes against immigrants and whatnot....

    That said, racism is very discouraged here. In the US I've noticed that people do have animosity towards one another (against Mexicans, blacks, natives... and vice versa), and that people are a little more segregated economically. But... I'm sure it's alot better down there than it was even 20 years ago. I'm white, so obviously I'm not going to encounter much racism in the US, but whenever I go down there I don't see racism as a very prevalent thing.

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    A country where Neo-Nazis march in the street doesn't qualify as even remotely 'least racist'. Canadians _SEEM_ less racist only because they are passive-aggressive and most are not brave enough to actually attack people.

    Ironic that Maclean's (a Canadian magazine) puts out an article about how not racist Canadians are, when they also put out this article an article called "Too Asian?", asking if Canadian universities have too many Asians.

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    Well I don't know about USA I am in canada for almost four years.

    In terms of social interactions they don't show their insight

    But you can see their true colours when you look for work and when you work with them they are not less than others probably might be beating others

    you will go through real tough time and get rejected everyday by Human Resources/ Operational Managers because of skin colour and look origin and age .

    I haven't lost the hope yet but four years are getting too much of a time to find the true human society at this part of the world.

    God Bless

    • Walther5 years agoReport

      True talk.. feeling the same heat 1 year after migration with 1 degree, 1 masters and an almost completed an MBA from UK... I doubt its this difficult to get employed for native Canadians... :)

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    Canadians are also racist, but they are much MUCH less racist than the US. You can actually feel "at home" when in Canada, but in the US, it feels like a white supremacist concentration camp for me.

    Source(s): Brown-skinned man
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    Every nationality has its share of racists, but when comparing I guess you can say Canadians are less racist beacuse in Canada you never hear things like "The Latino vote" or "The Black vote" during election times like you do in the US.

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    Actually surprisingly Canadians tend to be more racist i wouldn't say they are racist as in hating and being mean to other races and neither are Americans the thing is the culture of canada is what makes them more racist as in making fun and pointing out other peoples races think of it like this in america its a melting pot of everyones culture as in everyone is american they look at each other as american they emphasize on being a cultural melting pot whereas in canada its more like a salad bowl in the sense of the word with lots of cultures that are more separate so people tend to stick to there old cultures rather than become canadianized (if thats even a word) its just not so in canada so like i said they tend to be more racist and say oh its because he is indian or muslim or asian or whatever if you have been to both countries you will be completely surprised canada is extremely racist but like i said before its not to the point of hate just kidding and nagging and there very open about it.

    Source(s): I'm a Citizen of both countries and have lived in both for at least 15 years each in different provinces and states
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    Canada's the least racist nation on the whole damn planet:

    'Canadians are the most tolerant people in the developed world: report'

    Link -

    'Canadians more welcoming to immigrants than other countries, research shows'

    Link -

    And also this:

    "The survey suggests Canadians see immigrants as their equals: nearly 9 out of every 10 respondents agreed that a person born outside Canada is just as likely to be a good citizen as someone born here... There's no real evidence of people feeling threatened or a sense that, 'Well, people can come live here from other countries, but they're not quite the same,'"

    Link -

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    Canada is ten times more racist than the USA. And you will end up jobless there.

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