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Who is the top 5 most talented wrestlers of all time in your opinion?

NOT GREATEST but most talented wrestler in terms of in-ring performance, charisma, mic skills and all around how he/she carries himself


1. HBK (They don't call him The Showstopper for no reason)

2. Ric Flair (He had the best mic skills during his time, his in-ring performance is amazing and he can still out perform many guys today)

3.Chris Jericho (Wrestled around the world from Canada to Mexico to Germany to Japan to US. Top 3 mic skills of all time and one of the most consistent workers in the biz. Always put on great matches)

4. Kurt Angle (It was crazy how fast he picked up wrestling. He's very charismatic and have better mic skills than 90% of the people in WWE and TNA right now. He's also the most athletic performer to ever step foot in the ring)

5. The Undertaker (For a big guy like Taker he had the agility of a cruiserweight. He is probably the best "Big men" performers to ever step foot in this ring and he has proven from time to time again that he has an aura about him that not many wrestlers can produce. His American Badass gimmick proved that he's not a one trick phony)

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    1. Shawn Michaels (He could wrestle any style, and he always made the match entertaining, unexpected, and emotional as hell)

    2. Bret Hart (arguably the greatest wrestler ever, he always wrestled fantastic technical battles against guys like Davey Boy Smith and Shawn Michaels)

    3. Undertaker (the guy's been wrestling over 20 years, and at this stage he's been looking better than ever)

    4. Ric Flair (always made a match entertaining and always made you either love him (as a face) or hate him (as a heel)

    5. Mick Foley (in my opinion the best hardcore wrestler ever, and always made his matches something to remember, and whether he won or lost, he'd always be on the receiving end of a brutal beating)

    Honorable mentions: Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho and Steve Austin

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    Mine would be

    1) HBK, as you said, he's THE showstopper, but the real reason I like him is cause he's so damn resilient. I love defense over offence and Shawn plays the defense well (if you consider resiliency as a form of defense)

    2) Jeff Hardy, that guy did some extreme things in the ring, no doubt about that, and now that I look back, it seems very few people took the risks he did in the company, sure he was somewhat of a "fad" but I think he was skillful and talented in this own right.

    3) Undertaker, I don't need to elaborate on this one. Taker is probably last of the few "talents" as in real talents, left in the business.

    4) Ric Flair, untouchable on the mic and unprecedented wrestling skills is what set him apart from others, even in his old age he delivers great matches.

    5) Chris Benoit, despite what people say about him as a person, you can't question that he was a terrific wrestler. He goes on par with Dean Malenko in my books, who himself is a remarkable technical wrestler.

    My "Top 5" is not always consistent, so it might change from time to time, but this is my "at the moment" sort of Top 5

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  • 7 years ago

    Edge never has a heel ever played better with very good ring skills to boot

    Chris jericho, just amasing at everything

    The rock, well why d'you think?

    Austin same?

    Taker, the guy has kept in great shape always great wrestling, good promo despite being dead now thats hard

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