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Maryland vs. Arizona Weather?

I'm from Maryland, and have lived here all my life. In the summers ans spring, it is uncomfortably humid, and combined with the 80-high 90s temperatures, summers can be pretty bad compared to other places. Maryland is really my only reference to heat, so would going to college in Arizona where the temperature is hotter but much less humid be the same? I've heard since it's a dry heat, you don't sweat and even though it's hot it isn't boiling outside where you sweat doing just about anything. Curious, thanks.

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    I use to live in northern VA so I know all about your uncomfortable humid summers. I now live in Arizona where it is hot but like you said it's a dry heat. It's like opening an oven and having that heat hit you in the face. Arizona heat can dehydrate you so you have to drink a lot of water. If you stand in the direct sun you sometimes feel like you're baking. I'm not sure what you are asking. I prefer Arizona heat where I don't feel so weighed down and miserable. You build up a tolerance over time.

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    Since your use to Maryland why not just go to school their?

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