♂ WDYT of my top 5 boy names (+BQs)?

I am not pregnant; I just love names.

1. Zachary Kevin

2. Matthew Henry

3. Christopher Levi

4. Sean Gregory

5. Joshua Dean

The most detailed answer will get ten points!


1. What are your top 5 boy names? Any reasons why you love them so much?

2. What would you name sextuplets (you pick the genders)?

3. (Random) When is your birthday? Mine is September 9. Do I have a birthday buddy out there? That'd be kind of cool if I did. :)

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  • 7 years ago
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    1. Zachary Kevin- I like it. Zachary is a fine name. Old fashion but popular enough in the decade. Kevin is actually a good pairing with this name. Nice flow. 8/10

    2. Matthew Henry- Lovely. I like Biblical names and Henry is solid. 8/10

    3. Christopher Levi- LOVE. My favorite on the list, I like Levi as a middle name. I like the Christopher after Saint Christopher.

    4. Sean Gregory- I like the name Sean and this spelling. Gregory is solid, but not my favorite name. 7/10

    5. Joshua Dean- Joshua is not my favorite but because it's Biblical, I like it (but I would name my child that if you know what I mean) I think Dean is an underrated name that should be used more. 7/10


    1. James David- I love the name James. I always have. I want to call my son Jamie. David would be after his father. (I'm not pregnant, I feel like I should specify that).

    William Andrew- I like solid, masculine, traditional names! Andrew is again, my husband-to-be's middle name. I would call him Will.

    Christopher Jacob- Christopher has dual meaning. Both for my dear cousin that I admire and a close friend to both my HTB and myself. Jacob has a special Biblical connection to my first name. I would call him CJ.

    Edward John or John Edward- Edward is a family name. My trepidation in using it would be *gulp* a certain vampire movie. He would be called Teddy or Jack.

    Isaac Burke- I love the name Isaac but HTB isn't too fond of it or else it would be higher on the list. Burke seems silly but it's associated with my granddad, sentimental connection. I tried to sell HTB on the name by saying he could call him Ike but, he didn't go for it.

    2. (I'll do 3 and 3) Molly Claire, Elizabeth Shawn, Grace Alexandra, James David, William Andrew, Christopher Jacob.

    Molly, Elle, Grace, Jamie, Will, & CJ.

    3. No we're not b-day buddies.

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  • Autumn
    Lv 6
    7 years ago

    1.) Zachary Kevin

    - Well put together

    - Not fond of Zachary but I think this actually sounds really good.

    - Love the name Kevin

    - 9/10

    2.) Matthew Henry

    - Love Matthew, don't like Henry.

    - Well put together

    - Kind of bland.

    - 7/10

    3.) Christopher Levi

    - Never liked Levi

    - Love, love, love the name Christopher

    - Adorable.

    - 7/10

    4.) Sean Gregory

    - Not my taste.

    - Sounds like two different styles.

    - 5/10

    5.) Joshua Dean

    - Glad I see Dean's back!

    - I love the name Joshua

    - Sounds handsome

    - Well put together

    - 10/10

    Bonus questions:

    *Not in order.

    - Cameron Dominic

    - Damon Connor

    - Jack Emilio

    - Brandon Nicholas

    - Oliver Scott

    (Cam and Oli.)

    No reason, I just love them. The only one that has a meaning is Oliver, the name of one of my idols.


    - Edith Kate

    - Damon Connor

    - Opal Irene

    - Oliver Scott

    - Jane Ada

    - Jack Emilio

    (Oli of course.)

    My girls names are old fashioned, but I find them lovely. Thumbs down all you want.

    My birthdays October 4. (-:

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  • Snid
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    7 years ago

    1. Zachary Kevin~ I like this name. Kevin is kind of old fashioned which is why I like it.

    2. Matthew Henry~ Two classic names. Matthew is one of my favorites.

    3. Christopher Levi~ I love Christopher but Bristol Palin's ex ruined :Levi for me.

    4. Sean Gregory~ I love Sean and Gregory, too. No one uses Gregory anymore. Good job!

    5. Joshua Dean~ Love Joshua and Dean is awesome. hang tough with Dean!

    My top five are:

    Jackson Tucker~ Just like how it looks.

    Andrew John~ My nephews name. He goes by Andy but I adore Drew.

    Robert David~ Two classics and my husband and son.

    Donovan James~ Love the name Donovan because of the singer from the 60's.

    Nicholas Christopher~ Like you, I like classic names.

    Sextuplets: three boys and three girls.

    Jackson Tucker

    Donovan James

    Andrew John

    Alexandria Leigh

    Fiona Giselle

    Marek Katherine

    Marek is really a boy;s name in Slovakia but I think it would be cool for a girl.

    3. August 23rd. I don't know about a birthday buddy.

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  • Dibs
    Lv 5
    7 years ago

    1. Zachary Kevin- I really like the name Zachary. It is a name that is heard of, but it isn't extremely common. The only thing that stops me from adding Zachary to my own favorites list is the fact that I dislike the nickname Zach. Still, I can look past that enough to see that Zachary is a charming, traditional, and handsome name that ages wonderfully. Kevin has never been a favorite of mine, but I know that it honors someone important to you and I love the flow of Zachary Kevin.

    2. Matthew Henry- Matthew used to be my number one favorite male name, so it will always have a special place in my heart. I eventually took it off because I decided that I didn't like the nickname Matt enough to actually use Matthew. With that said, I still love the name Matthew and I love seeing it asked about on this site. It is such a strong name with so much history behind it. I also adore the name Henry and I think this is a very handsome and classic name combination that flows well.

    3. Christopher Levi- I ADORE this combination. Christopher is one of my favorite names and I think that Levi works well with it. Christopher is an extremely handsome name and I will never get tired of hearing it. While I do prefer Christopher on its own, I also think that Chris is a nice nickname option. Levi is handsome, charming, and a very innovative middle name.

    4. Sean Gregory- I absolutely love the name Sean and it is currently number 6 on my own personal favorites list. Sean may be short, but it is also sweet, unpopular, and extremely handsome. While I still prefer Sean Christopher, I do have to admit that Sean Gregory is very nice as well. Gregory has never been a personal favorite of mine (there isn't anything wrong with it, but I have never been in love with it), but pairing it with Sean makes me (almost) love it.

    5. Joshua Dean- Joshua Dean is a very handsome name. Joshua is quirky and adorable, but it also ages wonderfully. It is great to have a name that sounds absolutely adorable on a baby boy, but very sophisticated and handsome on a grown man. The combination is perfect and Josh is a ridiculously adorable nickname option. The name is just gorgeous.

    1. Colin Daniel / Malcolm Henry / Josiah David / Miles Christopher / Nathaniel Scott

    The names Josiah, David, and Scott are extremely important to me. Other than those, the rest are names that I simply adore.

    2. I'll do three boys and three girls:

    ♀ Audrey Cecilia

    ♂ Malcolm Henry

    ♀ Clara Vivienne

    ♂ Josiah David

    ♀ Lily Margaret

    ♂ Colin Daniel

    "Audrey, Malcolm, Clara, Josiah, Lily, and Colin"

    BQ: My birthday is May 3rd.

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  • 7 years ago

    1. Zachary Kevin - I love the name Zachary. I used to think 'interesting' names were ones with letters like Z, V, X, ect... So Zachary has always had a special place in heart. I don't think Zachary Kevin flows extremely well, but it isn't bad either. I think if Kevin has special meaning or you just like it, I say go for it.

    2. Matthew Henry - I love this name. Matthew is so common but I don't really care. I still think it's great. Matthew Henry is regal and masculine.

    3. Christopher Levi - Again, I love this name. Christopher is so manly but Chris is also kind of cute for a boy. Levi is a fun name, which makes Christopher stand out even more.

    4. Sean Gregory - I actually prefer Shawn over Sean, but the name itself is still nice. I actually like Gregory Sean over Sean Gregory, but it's still a very strong name.

    5. Joshua Dean - I think this one is my favorite. Joshua is a wonderful name, and I think Dean as a middle really compliments it well.

    My favorites -

    Lucas Lee Kenneth (I just really love Lucas. Lee is my mom and brother's middle, and Kenneth is my dad)

    Oliver Logan Nicholas (I love Oliver as a name. Nicholas Logan is my other brother)

    Donovin Leslie Riegel (Donovin is my brother, Leslie is my dad's middle, Riegel (pronounced like regal) is my maiden name)

    Jackson Lowell Joseph (Love the name Jackson, Lowell after a friend who died, same with Joseph)

    Jasper Landon Valentin (val-en-teen, not valentine) (I just love all of these)

    'Luke, Ollie, Vin, Jacks, Jazz'

    Sextuplets - 4 boys, 2 girls:

    Lucas Lee Kenneth

    Oliver Logan Nicholas

    Jackson Lowell Joseph

    Jasper Landon Riegel

    Olivia Lorraine Sharon

    Lorelei Lindsey Katrina

    'Luke, Ollie, Jacks, Jazz, Liv, and Lori'

    My birthday is September 19th! National 'Talk Like a Pirate Day', and Hermione Granger's birthday! Awesome that you were born on 09/09!

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  • 7 years ago

    Zachary Kevin - I like both names, but I think it's too much K sound with them together. Zachary Evan? Zachary Jason?

    Matthew Henry - I love it! Ancient, meaningful first with a classic middle name.

    Christopher Levi -- similar to Matthew Henry. Nice, and they go well together.

    Sean Gregory -- two of my all time faves together!

    Joshua Dean -- Love this one, too.

    1. Mason Tobias -- Mason was my great grandfather's name and I just like ancient names like Tobias

    Silas Charles -- Silas just has the combination of ancient name and easy on the ears. Charles was my dad's name

    Titus Lyndon -- Titus is like Silas and I loved the movie Barry Lyndon

    Jude Desmond -- Just love. That's all. My bff named her son Desmond recently and I love it.

    Declan Sean -- I like the Celtic thing.

    2. Sextuplets?

    Eleanor Jade

    Declan Sean

    Zoe Tatiana

    Silas Harrison

    Mason Charles

    Francesca Lauren

    3. September 18! Close!

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  • 7 years ago

    I really love Joshua Dean and Sean Gregory,but instead of Sean Gregory how about Sean Patrick?

    Or Sean George.

    My top favorite boy names are:

    Daniel George/Daniel Holden

    Max Logan/Max Luke

    Luca (Not sure of a middle name for Luca)

    Logan Anthony

    Georgie Anthony/Georgie Edward

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    - I'd rather you put the short names first - I like Sean Gregory but would prefer Levi Christopher, etc -

    I'd change them to:

    - Zack Henry -

    - Asa Matthew -

    - Levi Christopher -

    - Sean Gregory -

    - Dean Joshua -

    -1 -

    -- 1 - George Russell -

    -- 2 - Mark Philip -

    -- 3 - Evan James -

    -- 4 - Ivan Grant -

    -- 5 - David Jonathan -

    I like them because they are names that are special to me because of special people.

    - 2 -

    -- Fiona Maeve -

    -- Eliza Violet -

    -- George Russell -

    -- Mark Philip -

    -- David Jonathan -

    -- Ava Juliet -

    - 4 - December 14 -

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  • Cammi
    Lv 4
    7 years ago

    I like them :)

    1. Jonathan, Garrett, Jason, Jasper, Eric

    2. 3 girls-Alexandra, Madeline, Johanna 3 boys-Jasper, André, Matthew

    3. My birthday is July 17 :P I know like 3 people in my school with either the same birthday or one day off from mine haha

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  • blank
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    1.Zachary is handsome have it paired three times on my list-Zachary Quinn,Zachary Michael,Zachary Paul.

    Kevin goes great with Zachary and it flows well.

    2.Matthew Henry is very nice.Matthew is my boyfriends name.His name is Matthew Edward.

    3.Christopher I love.I have it three times on my list-Christopher John,Christopher Michael,Christopher Patrick.Levi is okay.

    4.It is good.

    5.Very nice.

    Source(s): blank
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