14,642 cops were asked if banning private non-dealer gun sale would reduce violent crime. 11,663 said . . .?

Asked "Do you think that a federal law prohibiting private, non-dealer transfers of firearms between individuals would reduce violent crime?"
11.5% (1,684) said it would.
79.7% (11,663) said it would not.
Is that WHY Democrats think it's a greeat idea?
Update: Such bans CAN ONLY impact LAWFUL buyers. No other result is possible.
Update 2: Law at a gun-show is wholly identical in every respect to law elsewhere, and yes, the proposal as presented by its Democrat authors did indeed ban ALL private transfers, including from decedent to estate - but ONLY among LAWFUL transferees.
Update 3: All department sizes were represented as were ranks from basic officers through Chiefs.
BTW, if you exclude large Metro POLITICIAN-Chiefs, the disparity is even more dramatic since they're virtually the ONLY "cops" not supporting VERY BROAD gun-rights.
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