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what is the best beach to visit in the French Riviera: St. Tropez, Marseille, Nice or Monaco?

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  • Tin
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    7 years ago
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    The best beach is, in my opinion, at Porquerolles Island but I wouldn't go there in July or August as it's a little island and it's crowded. I've been in May and in June and enjoyed very much. In September it's certainly the best time to go.

    The best beaches of St Tropez are not in St Tropez but in Ramatuelle, which is next town but you need a car, there must be buses but I never took them and, once more, better not to go during July and August, September is great. There's Pampelonne beach and L'Escalet beach, quite nice.

    You can see the list of beaches at the link below.

    The town of Saint-Tropez is lovely, though I like going out of season, when the town shows it's real aim, not the crazy jet set, bling bling. I like going for the regattas "Les Voiles de St Tropez" end of September, every year.

    There are both, public and private beaches in St Tropez.

    Bormes les Mimosas is a very nice town with one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean, L'Estagnol.

    Between Cassis and Marseille, there's the calanques, a must see though not in July and August.

    If you're coming during the summer school holidays, I reccommend staying in Sainte-Maxime, a city by the seaside just opposite to St Tropez, 15' distance by boat, there are many shuttles per hour. Nice old town and beaches, not over crowded during the summer. I don't know your age and interests but if you like going out at night, it's easy to go to St Tropez, without traffic jams, just from port to port.

    I do not like the beach in Nice, pebble beaches and the city is quite big. I don't like either the idea of summer holidays in Monaco, the buildings around and the cars every where, no thanks.

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  • 7 years ago

    I don't understand "best beach"...

    The beach with the softest sand ??? with the warmest water ?? with the trendiest clubs ??? with the most beautiful escorts ??? what is you goal ??? take a bath ??? see rock stars ??? get laid ??? lol

    St Tropez is well known for its expensive clubs and private beach... the place where you go to be seen, not to take a bath ;)

    Marseille have only few beaches, mainly overcrowded by locals in summer... not very trendy, just normal people with kids, sandwiches...

    Nice has plenty of private beaches... from trendy / expensive ones to a bit cheaper ones for families ...

    Monaco has only two beaches which are far from paradisiac... (small, surrounded by buildings...)

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