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I bought a house in Oct when it was cool and dry. It is now hot and humid and my house reeks from left over pet odor (urine in carpets, pad, sub flooring and laminated lower floors). I had Servepro come out to look and make an estimate. They found (on top of what I knew was there) black mold caused by humidity in the crawl space. Step 1 is to get rid of that to the tune of $3,800. This doesn't leave me with any additional funds to play with for quite some fact i don't know where THAT is going to come from. (No help from insurance). Then somehow deal with the humidity in my crawl space. My floors are still a disaster. On top of all this I am pregnant, my husband is deployed, and I'm going to be going home in a month to be with my family when I have the baby. In that time the house is just going to sit in it's smell. Would it be better to pull the upstairs carpets up and discard them and just leave the sub flooring to air out? Or should I just leave the mess to steep for a few months? Will it permeate the furniture left there? Anybody wanna lend me a bajillion dollars to alleviate my distress lol. Anybody who's in the know or has gone through this before I'd appreciate the help. Please don't suggest burning down the house... as much as I've been complaining about it lately I'm pretty sure my insurance company would just trace it to me.

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  • 7 years ago
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    You are really making this hard for us by not allowing a "burn it" answer, LOL.

    Seriously, my answer is lawyer. There is a good chance the previous owners knew about this and failed to disclose it. Was the home inspected? The mortgage company should have required that. VA FHA or conventional, all should have required an inspection.

    There are a couple of TV shows that have this as a reoccurring theme. Look them up on the HGTV and/or DIY channel and you can see how they treated this.

    As you guessed, just walking away from this for a few weeks is a totally terrible idea. It will get worse with age if not treated. Perhaps much worse.

    FYI, it is a lot harder to read such a long paragraph. It would be in your best interested to make it easier to read by breaking into multiple paragraphs.

  • 7 years ago

    Just a heads up in case you are doing laundry there. You probably have mold in your wash machine pipe, most people do and are unaware. This is the main reason people complain about having a mildew smell on their towels. I bought a washer fan which I wish I would have had years ago. I had childhood asthma then my son also had childhood asthma, mold triggered attacks. Many people were giving good-hearted temporary solutions for mold smell in washers or clothing but I needed something to FIX it! I had no clue until I went to the washer fan site that I had actual mold living in the washer pipe. Yuck! If you buy one you will also get a humidity tester and other answers to fix the smell permanently. It makes me upset that these fans, and information on washer mold prevention, aren't included when we buy a machine. Not to sound like a commercial but I will try to inform as many people as I know. Even if your lungs are very strong mold is NEVER good! I wanted to let you know, especially with your precious baby coming!!!!

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    7 years ago

    yes i would get that carpet out asap.dont leave it. that includes the sub flooring then clean evrrything with the right products.and zuma gave you very good advice.check the whole house mold is not something you want in your house. depending on the type if two differnt molds grow in the same area they release very toxic spores that can cost you your home

    try calling someone in government they may remove it for free.good luck.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    You can pull Carpet, and Laminate out on your own..then mop the floor clean,..sub floor...then paint..

    Your sinuses will clear up within a week...there's no rush to replace the floor.

    when you do ..take a look at Home Depot's peel and stick,.."Floating"..Vinyl flooring, called "Allure"...the vinyl is not glued to the floor, floats like laminate..

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