Cow farm health, feed, and bedding questions?

I have a project in my Animal Physiology class which is about creating a farm with animals we discussed. I have chosen to do a cow farm, but I have been stuck on three questions the worksheet asks of me.

The first question is "The amount and cost of feed for at least one year (remember mothers, infants, and teenagers have different feed requirements).

The second question is "The amount and cost of bedding for at least one year (remember mothers, infants, and teenagers have different bedding requirements).

The last question is "The amount and cost of health care (medical) for at least one year (remember mothers, infants, and teenagers have different health requirements).

I can't seem to find the answers to these questions anywhere (specifically about the different age requirements). I would very much appreciate it if someone could give me the average amounts and prices of feed, bedding, and health care for cows (doesn't really matter what kind of cow either, if you need a specific kind of cow I decided to choose the Guernsey). Thank you!


I would just need the amounts and prices for one cow. I will do the math to the number of cows I have.

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    Those questions have been so heavily anthropomorphicized it's not even funny. "Infants"? "Teenagers"? Come on, that's ridiculous, even from an animal physiology perspective!! It should be for Cows (which are mature female bovines or "mothers", literally speaking), Calves ("infants") and Weaned/Yearling Cattle ("teenagers"). Boy it's no wonder you're having a time trying to find the answers to these questions!!

    Feed = grain, hay, and silage. Take your pick of any one or all three. Do some research on the current prices in your area for all of these. But, take an average cost of feeding a cow is around $1.20 per cow per day. Calves and yearlings/weanlings could be a little less because they eat less than a mature cow.

    Bedding = straw or shavings--most common is straw. Again, take your pick and do your research on these. The age requirements for these is actually irrelevant, because you are needing bedding costs as a whole, not for each age group. How much you spend on bedding depends on whether you keep them in a barn all year round or you are able to send them out to pasture for several months and don't have to put out bedding for them. Bedding's more crucial on the winter time than in the summer. Most prices on straw will be in $/lb or $/ton.

    "Health care" = VETERINARY costs. These include vaccinations, deworming, and bills to pay if you have a sickness running rampant in the barn such as scours, respiratory, or bloat, or if you have some cows that need vet assistance when calving, or have other issues like milk fever, ketosis, mastitis and other common ailments to a dairy herd (since Guernseys are dairy cows). Veterinary costs depend on how healthy your herd is and what your management practices are, like whether you keep them indoors all year or are able to throw them outside, or even have them outdoors year-round. You can have costs as low as $500 per cow per year or as high as (or over) $20,000 per cow per year.

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