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Ach and stroke volume?

'does Ach increase stroke volume?'. I just read this question and i was wondering if this is possible..

When vagal stimulation(through cholinergic receptors) increases, the force of contraction of the heart will reduce and thus stroke volume will decrease.. But over a period of time won't there be collection of blood in the ventricles (considering venous return is still the same) ? Won't the subsequent rise in end diastolic volume cause and increase in the force of contraction and thus an increase in the stroke volume (according to Frank- Starling's law) ?

OR will the corresponding venodilation reduce venous return to such an extent that this will not happen?

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    Actually Ach decreases cardiac output by reducing both stroke volume and heart rate. End-diastolic volume and cardiac reserve increase with drug concentration and Vasodilation occurs in skeletal muscles due to increased release of Ach which should prevent a collection of blood in the ventricles.

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