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I'm an american woman who is currently living abroad with her non american husband. I've always wanted to join peace corps and my husband is on board as well. Is it possible for us to join peace corps together? If not what organizations like peace corps may we join together?

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    I don't *think* it would be possible with Peace Corps, but it would be worth it to ask a recruiter.

    There are many husband-wife couples who serve, but if your husband is not a US citizen, he is not eligible.

    Peace Corps would not pay to send him overseas with you, and they would expect you, as a volunteer, to be 100 percent committed to your site. That would be a tough sell to convince a recruiter that, but it would depend on how you come off in the interview. I have never heard of them allowing someone to come along with like the State does with EFMs. Essentially, your husband would be totally on his own as far as travel, visas, immunizations, etc., if it were allowed at all.

    But that's not to say it has never been done. I do know of situations where the volunteer has married during service and therefore lived with his or her spouse after service. Two of my female colleagues met and married Moroccan nationals during my service. There was LOTS of paperwork involved.

    You can also serve alone and leave him in the US during your service and he could come visit for extended periods of time. (And if you did that, I would NOT tell Peace Corps, again, because of the "committed to your site" thing.)

    As far as other long-term volunteering organizations, it will depend. Most will involve program fees. Other places that utilize long-term volunteers are trying to fill their skill requirements. You would need to find a place that would be able to use both your skills sets.

    Even with Peace Corps, the placement for married couples for that very reason can take a year longer than the usual year-long application process.

    Good luck.

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