American/International universities for astronomy?

I am applying for Astronomy at some universities in the states, but some people have told me there are some universities around the world, mainly in Europe and Canada, where I can apply since they have the same requirements, i.e. SAT and TOEFL tests.

Any recommendations?

Thanks :)

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    Here's the thing about astronomy - pretty much all the jobs in the field require a PhD in astronomy, astrophysics, or physics, to get a job, and if you want to earn one of those PhDs, you need a bachelors in physics, not astronomy. Astronomy as a major without a double major in physics does not adequately prepare you for those PhD programs, which all require the physics GRE and graduate level physics courses. Astronomy is a useful double major if a school offers it, but because on it's own it's not useful, most don't. You can major in physics pretty much anywhere and take a class or two in astronomy on the side, and you'll be prepare for grad school in one of those fields. It helps to have an astronomer to work with on research, but that's what REU programs at other universities are for. When applying for a job, it's really only the PhD school that matters, and you will not do your bachelors and PhD at the same school. That's highly discouraged.

    Any rankings you find are for graduate programs, not undergrad. Like I said, you can start almost anywhere with a physics major. Many liberal arts colleges have fantastic programs but won't show up in rankings because they don't offer a PhD. If you want real help in finding a program, post another question and include your SAT scores, GPA, and what kind of school you want to study at.

    Source(s): astrophysicist, started at a liberal arts college
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    The following website lists the Top 100 Ranking of University Astronomy and Astrophysics Programs (worldwide)

    In Canada: University of British Columbia, University of Toronto and McGill are tops (International tuition is also lower than in the U.S.)

    Full listing:

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