I need a last name for a character in my book I'm writing.?

Well I'm writing this book about this guy named Andrew but he does not have a last! Oh this could help it's about hell and all evil stuff ghost., demons, vampires, werewolf's yeah you get it please help!

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    Abernathy Ayers Ballentine Bane Barlow Blakewood Brame Carrington Colebank Coty Cowlstock Dixon Draven Eastham Edge Forrester Foxe Gannon Grayson Huntington Hutton Ingram Isabell Jaeger Jamison Jarrett Jett Justice Kaelin Kelsey Langston Lesley Logan Maddox Maxwell Nash Nightingale Norewood Overton Oyler Paxon Proctor Purrington Quincy Rainwater Ransom Ridge Slade Solt Steele Thayer Thorne Tyree Vanlandingham Vineyard Volz Wainright Waterholder

    Weatherbee Winn Wolfe Worth Youngblood Zane Zeb Zenith

    If you're looking for more unusual surnames then...

    Roarke Wakely Waverly Cyrus Trueheart Purefoy Dallas Freestone Pierpont Radford Addison Del-Monaco Lubianco Stockwell Standish Arnazino Lozier Reese Sparks Prezlocki Haliburton Dickens Arms Davenport Yancey Yandell.

    They're all i can find at the moment but ill give you the link to some websites.

    Also, here are some tips on choosing surnames for characters.

    -Don't end the first name with the same sound as the last name. (Try pronouncing Andrew Naismith, and you'll see what I mean.)

    -Try combining common first names with unusual last names, or unusual first names with common last names.

    -Use genealogy sources to look up possible surnames.

    -Unless you're writing a futuristic or fantasy romance, avoid making up surnames -- made-up surnames often stick out like sure thumbs. So speaks the person who ended up with characters with the last names of Irting, Cranly, and Tilden.

    I hope you can find something here.

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    Make him Greek, Ioanis

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