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我要speaking !快D幫我答!長答THX!20點20點

1.what extracurricular activities do you do ? why do you like?

2.whichfestival do you like best ?why?

3.what is your favorite subject? why?

4.what do you like to do on holiday ?why? of storybook ?what do you like it?

6what sports do you like it ? why?

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    1.what extracurricular activities do you do ? why do you like?I love to play chess as one of the extracurricular activities. The reason why I am addicted to it is the game can increase my brainstorming power. Moreover, I love the challenges throughout the process.

    2.whichfestival do you like best ?why?Christmas is the festival I like the best. During Christmas time, I decorate the Christmas tree and place it in my dining room. I enjoy the warm feeling of this festival. Plus, I am a Christian and this is one of the best times to praise the Lord.

    3.what is your favorite subject? why?My favorite subject is human biology because I can acquire knowledge of the entire human system. It also involves a lot of details pertaining to anatomy and physiology. With these knowledge, it will pave the way for me to become a medical expert in the future.

    4.what do you like to do on holiday ?why?I love to read English novels during the holiday as it will take me to a whole new world. It can also enhance my grammar skills as well as vocabulary power. of storybook ?what do you like it?“Da Vinci Code” written by Dan Brown is my favorite books. It is a story which has multiple of the elements including mystery, coding, and suspense. The story had kept me at the edge of my seat. Mr. Brown’s writing also resembles some elements of “The Name of the Rose” written by Umberto Eco.

    6what sports do you like it ? why?Swimming is my favorite sport. First of all, I really enjoy being in the sea especially during summer time as the weather is sweltering. It can help me to cool off the heat. The benefit of this exercise is it can train all of my body muscles which is very salubrious to my physical well-being.

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    1. I am an active member of the kick- boxing club. I enjoy sweating and the exiciting moment when I have to concentrate so much- Defend and attack, in a split second this important decision which would determined the outcome of the competition has to be taken. The adrenaline rush i feel during the game is what i try to pursue in every game.

    2. Christmas is my favourite festival. To be honest, this is because this is the time when we students are given the longest holiday break. Moreover, we receive countless presents, and this is the time when we sit around the table and gather with our friends and family.

    3. My favourite subject is science. Ralph Waldo emerson once said "Men love to wonder, and that is the seed of science." Science is great, it contributes to our daily lives. When ever I am on the plane, I am amazed. What keeps the plane in the air? And what allows me to breathe when there is such a high pressure? Science! As a student, science classes are extremely fun to me. I could never understand a person saying "no" to this wonderful subject.

    4. I love to go on a holiday with my family, simply to relax, and throw away any worries and stress. I think it is very important to get away from work for a moment when possible relax a bit, so that we can be fully charged with energy again! One could do nothing when he or she is tired, but nothing is impossible when one is full of energy!

    5. My favourite book is undoubtedly Harry Potter! Readers are lead into this magical and world where nothing is impossible, This series has its unique quality than enables every reader to be fascinated! Not to mention this is the ever first novel to combine the modern world with one that fills with magic! We seems to be able to relate to the "muggles" who know nothing about magic!

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