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B-field (2) (urgent! pls help)


The magnitude of he magnetic field in the space between any two field lines is zero.

Why is this statement wrong?


If there is no magnet placed at a certain point P in a region, the magnitude of magnetic field at P must be zero.

--> There is the Earth's magnetic field. So it's wrong?


The direction of the magnetic field at a certain point is the direction of the magnetic force acting on a tiny magnetic north pole at that point.

I really don't get it. Why is it the force acting on a tiny magnetic north pole? Is it just defined that way?


Can the Earth's magnetic field be uniform?

Thanks a lot.

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    1. Field lines are only a concept. These lines do not exist physically. Magnetic field exists in space, including that between field lines.

    2. Yes, what is left is only the earth field.

    3. Yes, this is just the definition of field lines.

    4. No. Magnetic field lines are more concentrated at the poles. Hence, magnetic field strength is stronger at the poles than at the equator.

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