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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsFriends · 8 years ago

" friend " is an attention whore?

please help me , i don't know how to overcome this or ignore the hate im getting.

first things first, heres what happened:

( so this " friend " lets call her mary )

mary wasn't a really good friend to begin with, she was a TOTAL FAKE

she lied about everything, especially about being bullied. ( i was bullied 3rd-6th grade )

she would always hit me during class, call me ****, make fun of me and tell my crush **** about me and of course i ignored her, i mean everyone hates her because she is the biggest liar in the whole 7th grade.

well today she told me the person she liked ( idk y she did )

so out of anger...i told him that mary liked him, well he told her that he didn't like her at all and never will.

well mary got REALLY UPSET

she started posting on instagram that she was gonna start cutting herself cause of me

everyone is on her side

shes making me seem like im a bad guy and now everyone hates me!?

honestly i think i didn't do bad, i stood up for myself for once

but i started crying cause now people are starting to hate me and shes making up **** about me

that guy even screen shot what i told him and sent it to mary

im so mad cause he's my ex

well my bestfriends : april, pat, tatti , chloe have been so supportive

also my older sister and my boyfriend ( hes so amazing )

my point is i don't know how to face everyone tomorrow :( i feel like dying

i've been through so much **** idk how to deal with this!!!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Ahhh. This is the power of the manipulator at work. Let the haters come. Go in to school not giving a single BUCK what anyone else thinks. I have made this hard trip to school many times when nasty rumors spread about me and a friend of mine (who happened to be a girl, a very pretty girl). It was hard. But kids are dumb and forget the issue in a week. And trust me. If this person is anything like you say she is she will probably burn a lot of bridges that will make her life difficult. So dont provoke her, dont listen to her, speak to her only when necessary and let nature take its coarse. If you are a good person let it shine. People will notice if lies are true or not by your actions. Be a good human being to those around you and they wont care.

    (For my personal experience people would lightly taunt me and my friend for a couple days, but in that time I decided to not care and be myself in school not giving a single buck. Pretty soon people I didnt even know would come to my aid when being harassed and would be on my side making the bully look like a huge jerk.) That is just my experience with bad rumors in school. Dont care about them and they go away.

  • burman
    Lv 4
    5 years ago

    i think of i'm an interest seeker each and all of the time, notwithstanding if that's because of the fact i like being the focal element and that i individually do no longer think of there is something incorrect with it, yet you would be able to look undesirable to individuals. An interest whore is somebody who continuously must be around human beings and is often being loud and saying stuff to get human beings to be conscious her. i do no longer understand you, so i'm no longer able to tell you the thank you to no longer be one, possibly do exactly no longer say issues that should reason human beings to think of "omg, she's like exhibiting off."

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    if everybody hated her for being such a big fat liar, then perhaps you might want to try explaining yourself? the best is to ignore them actually. or you might want to approach the school counselor to seek help. sorry i know my answer is not much of a use

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