Wave gel for my boyfriends hair?

My boyfriend (AA) wants to put waves in his hair and we were looking for any good gels that work well and that are cheap...thanks in advance for your help in advance

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  • 7 years ago
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    There are tons of products out there to help get 360 waves. A good one to start out with is WaveBuilder's Brush in Waves or cocoa & shea wave butter. With those, you brush it in until it dries. You have to brush a specific way to get waves:

    1) Brush the front forward

    2) Brush the back down

    3) Brush the sides diagonally down toward your cheeks.

    There's a picture in the guide online at: http://www.wavebuilder.com/guide.html

    There are also a lot of tips for how to do it.

    Once his hair gets longer, he'll need a light pomade like Deep Wave to help lay down his hair. But he prob won't need it to start out.

    And get him a durag or wave cap!

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  • Ms.
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    7 years ago

    Dax and a wave cap... :)

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