Monroe/Madonna piercing?

I'm 17 and I want either a Monroe or a Madonna piercing... I'm a little skeptical though... I was wondering if it hurts and how long it will hurt if it does, and if it makes it difficult to kiss or eat and how long it takes to heal? Just curious, thanks!

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  • 7 years ago
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    It will depend on your pain tolerance. I have snakebites, and it didn't hurt really. I had my lip pierced three times- the second time to get it repierced up higher, then the other time so I could have snakebites, and the last one hurt a bit because the piercer used a bigger needle. It doesn't hurt that bad though. After I had it pierced, it hurt a bit to eat. That lasted for like a week, but I didn't take any medicine that was suggested to help ease the pain. If you want it done, it is totally worth getting done, the worse part is having to rinse your mouth with salt water after you eat anything. & if you're conflicted with choosing which one you should get done, you should do the Madonna one. (: I think it looks better than the Monroe.

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    7 years ago

    Since a Monroe Piercing is a little bit closer to the mouth, it will cause a little bit more discomfort during the piercing procedure. If you are skeptical about getting a certain piercing, I recommend waiting until you're completely sure that you want it until you get it. I'm not sure about the kissing, but the eating I'm pretty sure it shouldn't affect. The approximate healing time for a Monroe piercing is 3-4 months, but I recommend not changing the jewelry until after a year.

    Source(s): Disclaimer: I'm not licensed, but I have been the victim of multiple body piercings.
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