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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureLanguages · 7 years ago

what does Ā? Dakara ima wa, nihongo de hanashi o shitai? Daijōbu! Bakkin wa sonogo 〜! mean?

Idk know Japanese very well

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  • 7 years ago
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    "Dakara ima wa, nihongo de hanashi o shitai" approximately means "That's why I want to speak in Japanese now".

    "Daijōbu" means "all right" or "okay".

    "bakkin" is the only word I haven't encountered before, but apparently it means "fine" or "penalty"; "sonogo" means "after that" or "afterwards". I don't know what the last part is supposed to mean as a whole.

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  • 7 years ago

    Eh, So do you want to talk to me in Japanese right now. Don't worry, later I'll give you/you can give me a penalty/fine if I/you need to.

    I think you know "だから" is used to mean the reason for something but "だから/dakara" is also used to do "念押し/nen'oshi/reminder/action to confirm if the listener understands what the speaker is saying.

    like this conversation


    Ashita Pu-ru ni ikou.

    Let's got to a swimming pool tomorrow!


    E nante?

    What, what did you say?


    Dakara, ashita pu-ru ni ikoutte itteruno. Tyanto hito no hanashi wo kiiteyo.

    I'm saying, let's go to a swimming pool tomorrow. Pay attention when someone is speaking to you.

    Bakkin mean fine and penalty

    (Sorry but I'm not sure what "Bakkin ha sonogo" means because I don't know much because I don't know anything about the situation.)

    Source(s): I'm a native Japanese speaker
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