when I can retire from us post office?

I am 53 years old postal employee joined in 1995 April. Because of my arthritic pain I wish to retire at the earliest and do something lighter. People say different years, 56, 59& 63. I don't care penalty. Can I retire now and get pension around $400?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Is this the United States Postal Service?

    I had a mail-man who retired at the age of 85 from the US Postal Service a few years ago. Now his replacement was with us for 2 years. Now this replacement had to find another assignment because of his back problems. At this time we do not have the a regular mail deliver driver. Though I have seen the last mail-man doing another route.

    Have you tried to ask for another assignment? I hear about Federal jobs being furrload all the time. I have an uncle who use to work 5 days for a government office, now its down to 4 days a week. Also since my uncle had put in FIVE years into the government he can retire if he wants to.

    Can you take short or long term disability?

  • Judith
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    8 years ago

    Are you an idiot? Ask the person in your office who handles personnel matters and find out.

    If I remember correctly a person can get a disability benefit if they've been employed five years but I'm not sure about that. And a retirement benefit at age 60 with at least 5 years employment.

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