Good songs for a middle school choir to sing?

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    Well it would depend on the choir. How many members are in it? Does the choir have both boys and girls or just one or the other? How well do the children sing? Like adults, some kids sing very well and some can barely carry a tune (and some can't sing at all, but just like to).

    Do the kids have experience/ability to sing part-songs, or do you prefer unision? Most middle schoolers should be able to handle at least two-part harmony arrangements--but again, that would depend.

    Any commercial website that sells choral sheet music will give you an overwhelming amount of choices from the newest pop hits to old folk songs or classical music.

    For example here:

    Without knowing more about your group, it's hard to suggest specific songs. I don't know if you are the choir director or a member of the choir who wants to suggest songs to the director.

    There are several forums dealing with children's and teens' choral groups, and you might be able to find a lot of useful information and great suggestions there. (search "middle school" for useful articles and suggested repertoire)

    Song lists from other middle school/junior high choral groups

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Good songs for a middle school choir to sing?

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    We've done: Tambourica, The river sleeps beneath the sky, come and sing, Gloria, busy busy bumblebee, shiru, true colors, old joe Clark, eligah rock, festival song, can you hear, down by the Sally gardens, here we come a caroling, welcome on and welcome all, seasons of love, the grinch, the rainbow, there's an old song, possum gonna play, the moon, kalinka, Pete Pete, turn the world around.. That's all I can think of from the last two years. I missed tons of Christmas songs and African folk songs.

    Source(s): 5 years of choir including 2 years middle school choir. Two years of middle Tennessee vocal association honor choir.
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    Rolling in the deep seems very good! Also consider firework by Katy Perry? songs with lots of soul in them. Try something different maybe, like Proud mary

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