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Amtrak And Waking Up At Your Destination?

This may sound like a stupid question but I'll ask it anyway. I am planning to travel from Sacramento to Omaha, NE and the train arrives at 4:59am. I will be in a Sleeping Car. Will the Attendant actually wake me up before the destination? and how many minutes will I be woken up before I reach Omaha. Thank You

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    Yes, I took the train many times from St. Louis to Chicago and every time, if I was asleep, they woke me up.

    They write your destination on paper and stick it above your seat. When they do their rounds they know who's suppose to get off the train.

  • DON W
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    Collin is correct--the train attendant for your sleeper car should awaken you before your stop.

    But, why not set an alarm for yourself? Many electronic devices, such as iPods, cell phones, and the like, have an alarm function, if you don't have a travel-size alarm clock.

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