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Was there ever another qualifier winning a Grand Slam in tennis, besides Boris Becker?

So, NOT a wild card.

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    Boris Becker, Goran Ivanesivic were UNseeded but neither were Qualifiers when they won Wimbledon in 1985 and 2001 respectively.

    There has never been a qualifier that went all the way to the finals and won a grand slam tournament.

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    Becker was 17 and is still the youngest male Wimbledon winner. He was unseeded but ranked 20th and had automatic entry.

    Goran won as a Wild Card in 2001 ranked 125 (noone else has ever done that)

    No qualifier has ever won a Slam in the modern era

    *McEnroe got to the semis in 1977 as a qualifier

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    This is a tough call. I mean, like you said she's a Wimbledon master but there are so many up and coming players. And you make a good point by saying that her game is declining, cuz it has lately. But I think that when she gets on her court (grass) she feels like she can win the whole thing and gets more confidence, so I'd say yeah, maybe 1 or 2 more Wimbledons is my guess.

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    No, it's never happened, i don't think Becker was a Qualifier either.

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