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How many pirates were there in the 17th century and who was the most deadliest well known pirate?

I just wanted to know. Please keep the information around the late 16th and early 17th century's. I read stuff on Wikipedia that there was some golden piracy thing and looked at a few of the pirates on that. But I'd like more info on it because I'm just facinited by it. Is there something else that's important about pirates that I should know.

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    The most successful and feared pirated of all time was Cheng I Sao, also known as Mother Cheng. She was a prostitute that later went on to command a fleet of more than 1,500 ships and upwards of 80,000 sailors, and she lived to retirement. Though she was not part of the Golden Age of piracy that happened in the Caribbean, she is one that you should definitely read up on.

    Learn more here.

    Some Golden Age pirates include captain Calico, who had two female pirates on his crew.

    Blackbeard is definitely the most famous, and it took a lot to finally kill him. What made him most unusual was his choice to have such a massive flag ship, the Queen Anne's Revenge. Pirates usually choose smaller ships because they were faster. Blackbeard on the other hand had two smaller ships plus his larger slower flag ship. In battle, he would stick smoking wicks in his long black hair and beard, giving him the look of an angry demon.

    Bartholomew "Black Bart" Roberts was at large for three years, sacking hundreds of ships from Africa to Brazil to the Caribbean.

    Edward low was probably one of the cruelest. Marooned with some others for murdering a crew mate, Edward Low stole a small ship and eventually became a pirate. He was known for being very cruel and was feared on both sides of the Atlantic.

    You can read more below

    Source(s): Big pirate history fan Websites I have read in the past that you might like:
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    The Golden Age of Piracy was in the early 18th Century. There were thousands of pirates and nobody will ever be able to give you anything involving an exact number, because we really don't know. The most successful pirate during the Golden Age was "Black" Bart Roberts with over 470 ships taken. Blackbeard is famous because of his image. He was neither particularly vicious nor successful as far as pirates go.

    But that's later than you want. The most notably vicious pirate during your time period was probably Francois l"Olonnais. He tortured and mutilated hundreds for his own amusement. He was around in the 1660s. The most successful was probably Sir Francis "El Draque" Drake who sacked his way through much of the Caribbean and Central America, from Florida to Panama. He also captained the second ship to circumnavigate the globe from 1577-1580 (the first was Juan Sebastian Elcano aboard Victoria in 1519-1522) and was crucial to the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588.

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    I don't suppose it has occurred to you to look for books about piracy in your library. Mainly because I'm sooooo sure you don't even know what a "book" or a "library" is, much less how to look for one in the other.

    Oh, and "most deadliest"? Really? Are you in kindergarten, or what?

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    'The plague' decimated populations in Europe and overseas. The English performed the primary and final execution of a monarch and a style of republic was once formed in its aftermath (Cromwell). The first organised police drive fashioned, the bow-avenue runners. Gregorian calendar adopted. First American thanksgiving, 200 yrs of history - supply me a break!

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    Corsairs from north africa over the years kidnapped a million folk from southern Ireland for white slavery !

    Source(s): Francis Drake & Walter Raleigh.pinched gold the spanish pinched from Incas.
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    Blackbeard may have been the "deadliest."

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