moving to the south please help?

My husband and I want to move our girls to the South. I have done some traveling and fell in love with the southern border states. The main states we are interested in are:




Tennessee (maybe)

My husbands job allows us to move anywhere, so employment is not an issue. I have young children so we want to move where there is good schools, low crime rate, nice weather (moving from Oregon coast), not a lot of tornadoes/hurricanes and relaxed atmosphere. We are not very religious so I do not want to move where I will be shunned for not going to church on Sunday. We like to go mudding, hunting, horse back riding and hiking a lot. Any imput you have on any of the states I listed would be amazing!


Ok lets open the search to all southern states. What out of all the border states, NC and SC, Arkansas and Tennessee seem to have the lowest amount of natural disasters. Obviously they all have them, but which have the least?

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    7 years ago
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    Hi! I live about 45 minutes, 40 miles (70 kilometres, for those of you who don't like Imperial system) from Birmingham, Alabama. Alabama's coast is beautiful. We are still pretty shaken up from the April 27, 2011 tornadoes (which, mind you, killed 300+ people). Generally, the weather here is good. Obviously, any coastal state will have the threat of hurricanes, but since I'm 6 hours away from the coast, hurricanes turn into small thunderstorms and floods before they reach me. Nothing too major. The one thing that many Alabamian residents don't like is the fact there's no gambling or lottery. This may not be a huge deal to you, but you can't win the 600 million if you can't play. ;) Central Alabama is great, especially the Mountain Brook community. Mountain Brook is the 68th wealthiest city in America! Their school system has been rated one of the top 50 in the country. If you are only considering the coastal areas, the Gulf Shores/Orange Beach area is the nicest. The younger generations, such as myself, don't have a very thick accent. I'm 16, and I get mistaken for a Canadian because of my accent sometimes. Whatever state you choose, the people will hopefully welcome you with open arms!

    Just saw where you said something about not being very religious. My whole family is atheist, and we are very much accepted, even when people know we're not religious. There will always be the occasional person who dislikes you for your differences, but that's not an Alabama thing. It's a human race thing.

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    7 years ago

    Guess what. The states you mentioned all have a lot of tornadoes/hurricanes. You may have to really hunt for a good school as religion is very predominant. I heard a rumour that Tennessee was even going to take a second swing at the Scopes Monkey Trial. I don't know about the crime rate, but everything you like is already in Oregon. The only thing missing is warm weather. As a Canuck, the warm weather in the south is only nice in winter. In summer it is hot and humid and unbearable without really powerful air conditioning.

    If your husband can get a month vacation, take a vacation down there in July or August and see how the climate appeals to you and your family.

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  • 7 years ago

    Because TN and AR are not on the coast, they don't get hurricanes. All have had tornadoes from time to time.

    If you want to go mudding, you should look for property where you can do it on your own land. Many people feel it damages the environment by destroying the plants and soil. You can't just head out into the woods wherever you want.

    You will not be shunned for not going to church. I had that worry too, but there are plenty of people at Walmart on Sunday morning in rural TN.

    Hunting, horseback riding, and hiking suggest you want to live in a small city or in the country. You have a lot of research to do. It is impossible to recommend one specific location. Schools vary from city to city, as does crime rate. TN and western NC have four seasons which the others do not.

    You might want to look at for more information on each city that interests you.

    Source(s): Middle TN resident
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    7 years ago

    What about Texas? Louisiana and Texas get hurricanes from time to time.I was born in Texas and I loved growing up there.

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