Crying ADELE adkins's?

perhaps you recognize singer adele and so remember herself specific song (Someone like you) which it provided much popularity for her.i dont never forget scence which adele could not to dont cries on stage at Royal albert hall concert (which she has perfoemed in 2011)anyway the part of concert affected me .i dont know whether you saw it but as a person whom english is second language for .i in other way underatand this lyric e.g. that part that said : who would have known how bittersweet this would taste.if you follow adele or attend in that amasing concert or generally like in lyric .i love that you say your emotional sentences about it. tanx

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    7 years ago
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    Adele is one of my fav singers !

    I attended many many good live concerts in the Albert Hall and Madison Square ( queen, pink floyd, m.carey,etc...)... but what Adele did that night was absolutely INCREDIBLE. The best 200 pounds I've ever paid :D Btw, I'm one of those heads by the first lines xD

    Anyways, that "Someone like you" moment with the people was fantastic, but I consider THIS one the best live version you can ever get:

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    It was pretty amazing because that was for a TV interview. Adele just improvised that stunning basic acoustic performance in her home, 100% live without digital efects, just with her voice and the piano... and... after smoking a cigarette, LOL!

    And if you wanted that , Turning Tables at Alber Hall was pretty brilliant too, specially near the end when she does that incredible breathing-to silence at 2:53-3:08 :

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    And these are some other concerts that I attended and really stunned me O_O

    Evanescence - Germany awesome small acoustic concert

    Youtube thumbnail

    Mariah Carey - Emotions ( thanksgiving concert in albert all ). That... whistling... omg!

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    Muse - Madness - at Jools ( iPad powah! xD )

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    Emeli Sandé - Clown - Albert Hall

    Youtube thumbnail

    Lianne La Havas - Gone - at Mercury Prizes

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    And I don't think you need to speak anglish natively to feel these songs... these singers are SO GOOD that can transmit emotion even if you don't understand a word. That's what makes the diference between a good singer and a bad one :D

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  • 3 years ago

    how are you able to mend a broken heart? The Bee Gees see you later to love The Carpenters At Seventeen Janice Ian on my own back (needless to say) Gilbert O' Sullivan someplace Over the Rainbow israel kamakawiw'ole certainly all of us Hurts REM

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