Genealogy - anyone have any ideas of where i could look next?

I am trying to find out more about my great grandfather. I know where he is buried, and I know the year he was born in and i know his date of death (Oct 30 1918). There is a lot of conflicting information I have found about the place of his birth. In the county that I live in death book(index) it is listed that he was born in Indiana. In the 1900 census, it lists that he was born in Kentucky, and his parents were born in Germany. In the 1910 census it lists that he was born in Minnesota. in the SD State Census 1915 (I ordered this) it looks like it says his birthplace is minn (with a line through it), and Ind. It says his parents birthplace is WS or NW or W8 or N8 ? Very hard to read. It says that the children's fathers birth place is Ind.

I ordered a search through SD state library for his obituary/death notice, and there is none found (the newspaper record is incomplete.

I have a marriage date in Steele County MN from his wife's obituary - I haven't ordered the record. Would that give me any more information?

I also think I found him in the 1875 MN State Census Records - It says he was 18, white, and born in Indiana. County Winona, city Saratoga.

I looked through for his birth records, and have not been able to find anything.

Any ideas on where I should look for information/who I would contact? I don't have an exact dob.


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    OK so you need primary records, which are those written at the time or close to the time of the event............. now a death cert is a primary records for the DETAILS OF THE DEATH, but it is not primary for the birth information.......census returns are secondary records ( it is primary for where they lived when the census was taken), but for nothing else as all that is given information.........

    "I also think I found him in the 1875 MN State Census Records - It says he was 18, white, and born in Indiana. County Winona, city Saratoga. " if that is the earliest secondary record you have then personally I would be ordering parish record fiche from the local LDS centre and seeing if I could find a baptism............

    Just remember websites are great an they hve lots of information BUT they do not have a tiny fraction of the records that exist which are not online..........

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    I would order the marriage record and look in Saratoga, Winona County, Indiana for a birth record next. If he was born about 1857 there won't be a civil birth record at the state level. But, sometime counties and cities/towns did keep birth indexes. Also look in the church records. If you don't know the denomination/religion, then try every church in Saratoga. This may require going offline and doing the footwork the old fashioned way. I'd also try the 1860 census.

    Death records and census records are secondary sources for birth data. They are completed after the event and often by people that were not there / could be mistaken. It sounds like he grew up in MN and his wife assumed he was born there until corrected, or some such thing. The reason I believe the 1875 census to be the most likely to be correct for him is that his parent likely gave the information, and it's the closest thing you have to his birth. You will often find conflicts. Until you get it resolved you can use "MN or IN" and put the reason in the notes.

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    You might also try these 2 web sites: (The Mormon church genealogy site)

    I KNOW how frustrating it can be! Some of the records on one of my particular paternal relatives has her last name 3 different ways and 4 different birth places!

    Keep trying and good luck.

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    I don't know. Sorry.

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