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Conventional Landline Phones?

How to identify these from the voip ones?

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  • joe r
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    8 years ago
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    it is easy to visually see the difference between an IP phone and a POTS phone... if the phone connects to internet it is an IP phone...

    OTOH determining if a POTS phone is connected to a POTS line or a VoIP ATA is more difficult, you would need to determine where the wiring goes to and see if it is connected to an ATA device, or going to the TELCO DEMARC..

    sometimes calling 611 can help you determine the phone company... so you should be able to determine what type of service it is based on the company - although there are companies that do offer POTS and VoIP..

    if you know the ANAC code used by your local RBOC then trying this code should help you determine if it is POTS or VoIP. in NYC (and many other areas 958 is the ANAC number) this number will generally not work with a VoIP provider.. and optimum online uses *99

    so for me arriving at a new customer it is easy for me to determine if it is a cable company phone line by dialing *99, a POTS line by dialing 958 or who the provider is (usually) by dialing 611

    another trick to find the long distance provider is to dial 1-700-555-4141 and to find the local service provider is to dial 1NPA-700-4141 where NPA= your area code.

    if you do not have access to the line and are trying to determine from another location you can try it should provide the name of the provider, although many VoIP providers only resell service and are usually listed as a CLEC - not all CLECs are VoIP providers, but you should be able to determine based on the name of the carrier listed on tnid...

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