what does it mean when cpu usage 2% and PF usage over 600?

My old XP is soooo slow. I opened task manger and saw the cpu usage was next to nill the highest part was 10% when i refreshed it. PF usuage was displayed in the middle of the chart. Does this have anything to do with my virtual memory settings and if so how do i adjust them?

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  • 7 years ago
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    pf is paging file.

    xp works best with pagefile size == 1.5x ram.

    setting pf size max and min same means pf doesnt have to shrink and grow so pc is

    slightly quicker and doesnt get as fragmented.

    control panel




    you can untick all those animations if you like

    click advanced tab to alter pf settings

    these days xp needs approx 1.75gb ram to work well

    make sure you have 2gb if you can

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