Can someone analyze my birth chart?

Thank you, I appreciate the help. Just doing this out of curiosity!


@ Glare - May 11th, 1994 @ 7:21AM. Born in Kingston, Pennsylvania.

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  • 8 years ago

    Post there city of birth , year day month of birth and hour of birth. I'll look onto your vedic astrology chart! I dont work with european astrology!


    Your sun is in aries wich is maxed in 11th house!

    Your moon is in 12th house conjunct venus mercury mars and ketu!

    Your jupiter is in libra your saturn is in aquarius!

    Your rahu is in scorpio!

    Now explanation!

    First of all your reputation is sound and strong!

    Your emotional is destroyed the same your speech and love matters!

    Your are subconsciously obbsesed by diseases and conflicts!

    Your spouse will be from far away!

    Your ascendant is gemini!

    Overall love energy emotional and analogical intellect is elapsed!

    Your ketu in 12th house represents this is your final life!

    This means after death you will no longer reincarnate and you will go to heaven....

    Overall a little problematic chart but interesting! And i believe your sexual desires are fascinating!

    Good luck

  • 5 years ago

    According to your chart your economically and social life is good at present time is good arranged marriage only future is good

  • 8 years ago

    I see u have a temper...mars in Aries and mars square Uranus...and I'm sure since ur a taurus with a Taurus moon it's a horrible one lol

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