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Who else wants to bring back the Draft?

These are unusually times. Syria's, Iran, Iraq, Greece, Egypt, Philippines, Libya, Nigeria, are all acting up. America has to be ready. America must continue to be the Policeman of the World. America must bring back the Draft. These youth in Inner Cities such as Chicago, Detroit, Brooklyn, want to fight. Let them fight for the Government and they will become Men not waist-jeans wearing fagggs. Black Dirt, White Trash, Brown/Yellow Crap will all be Drafted by the Army. No running to Mommy or your "girlfriend."

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    If we bring it back it will need to be a universal draft of men and women based upon a lottery system with no exceptions except for being totally unable to do the job. Such as paraplegics, mentally retardation, blindness, etc If you are over weight they can whip you into shape. If a woman gets drafted and she gets PG it will be considered a deliberate self inflicted "injury" to get out of duty and she shall get a general discharge under other than honorable conditions. There are more than enough ways to prevent pregnancy.

    And since women have successfully argued that they can do all the jobs a man can do, we can draft them for front line combat troops, just like the guys.

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    I wouldn't for the following reasons:

    1. Having an all volunteer force means they knew what they were getting into, thus better prepared.

    2. Drafting could essentially bring undesirables (stupid people into the military). I wouldn't want to be next to the guy that is constantky waving his rifle around.

    3. Drafting in the US isn't like the terms of service that some countries institute. It's sudden and most kids in my generation would say "to Canada!!"

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    I disagree with your notion that the US must continue to be the policeman of the world,

    as that would result in us spreading ourselves to thin and opening ourselves to serious attack.

    There is an old saying- if you defend everything you defend nothing.

    I would prefer to see the take a stance on non intervention unless we are directly threatened.

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    Charley Rangel (D-NYC, he wants to bring back the draft every time a Republican gets elected as president.

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    ahaha you are such a idiot

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