New BH cosmetics brushes smell?

Okay so I just bought these new brushes from BH cosmetics, and they came today. When I opened it, both the brushes and the case it came in, smelled really bad. It smells like paint, and now my whole room smells like it. It's really bothering me. Should I wash them? If so, how? What can I do about the case? Thanks!

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  • 7 years ago
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    You can deep clean them with a mixture of olive oil and either liquid dish soap or baby shampoo. Just swirl your brushes in the mixture and wash them under warm water. Make sure you squeeze all of the soap out. Then reshape them and set them out to dry. There are lots of tutorials on Youtube on how to wash and reshape them, also.

    I'm not sure about the case. I don't know what material it is. Sorry.

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