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我們有洞,我們每個人的心裡都有一個洞,可以擁有很多祕密,更可以挖得很深很深。有人說 ,孤獨有很多種,最深的那幾種孤獨是說不出來的。而我認為,我們所有最深最陰暗的東西,都隱藏在我們心裡的那個洞裡,我們把所有我們不願意讓別人看見的,覆蓋著一層又一層美好虛假的包裝,然後放任它獨自化膿、甚至潰爛。






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    I. ForewordThis is a story about people, hole theory based on amasi, I think each of us in this world, there is a big hole in my heart, is on the inside, the branches intersect winding formed by a complex of forest, clad and bundled inside of us, but often we can escape that fact. Through this theme, from inspiration and transformation, and finally finished, the whole process will work together to explore and look us straight in the hole, because, when we understand more about this, and we have also recovered half a.

    II. creative background and motivation

    Humans are not complete, I always think so.

    We have holes, and each of us had a hole, you can have many secrets, but also had to dig very deep, very deep. It has been said that alone there are many, most of it alone is like nothing. And I think all our deepest darkest things, were hiding in the cave of our hearts, we put everything we do not want anybody to see, is covered by a layer and a layer of bright fake packaging, and then let it fester, even fester on your own.  From our subconscious self defense was grown within reach, it is like a double-edged sword, foreign against a world that we don't want to face, and in our heart cave, grow into a dense jungle of complex, no one had to go to, no one out. Like your own flesh, constantly extending, jagged, winding and binding our hearts most deeply lonely.  "Mind holes", from another angle, it can also be a "heart", as is some kind of hint, tell us empty inside is a pulsating, and we hit a certain frequency of the harmony of the body, words not used, shouts echoing each other, pregnant with our cheap shots, cancer.

    When we understand these facts, and understand that this is not a fear that no one will know the wounds of being buried, naked spread in the Sun not to salvation, don't need a cure and that's okay, that SCAR will remain there too. Yes, it is just a statement, not forgotten statements, proof of our statement.

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