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My ACF is bloated, what can I do for him?

I researched what I could find on the net. The advice I found was to treat with salt and Maroxy. Opinions about salt were mixed, so I just used a small amount (1 T for 15 gallons +/-). I thought Maroxy was an odd choice, as it's for bacterial infections. However, I tried it. I just administered the 5th daily dose, and he looks absolutely no better, possibly worse. Should I try Maracyn 2, medicated food, what? There are no aquatic frog veterinarians or experts anywhere near my area, so I'm on my own here. I know a lot about fish, but little about frogs. I knew nothing about them when he came along, and have attempted to educate myself about how to properly care for him, but information about them seems to be scarce!

I have him in a half-filled 30 gallon tank, so he doesn't have to go too far to breathe. He has no tank-mates, as he tried to eat my Cories, of course! I have a box filter in his tank since I learned they hate vibrations. I do not have a heater, our household temperature is typically around 75° F. I have had him for 2 years, and had no problems until recently.

I will appreciate any help. I don't want him to die, but don't want him to suffer, either. I'm at a loss where to go from here. Any serious suggestions? Hoping to hear from my fellow TCs who may have some experience with ACFs. Thanks in advance!

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    All about african Clawed Frogs - diseases and Illnesses in Detail states that you need to use an internal antibiotic to kill this bacterial infection. Bloat in underwater frogs has been traced to bacterial that fill their lymph glands up with fluid. I would use regular kosher salt, one teapsoon per gallon of Epsom salts, and plain Maracyn or erythromycin.which kills gram positive bacteria. This is a better option than Maracyn 2 which mostly gets external illnesses that are gram negative, but you can use both at once, or Maracyn and Tetracycline. There is a high chance of death from bloat, but if caught early enough it may be curable.

    Source(s): Robert Price, Phd, Ichthyology and Herpetology AllAbout African Clawed Frogs Epsom salt Maracyn Maracyn 2
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    Source(s): Get Rid Of Bloating :
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