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Steven asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 8 years ago

What is the premise of the Man of Steel?

What is the point of the new superman movie coming out? What is the plot about? Please be descriptive and detailed to be chosen as best answer

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  • 8 years ago
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    Well, from the trailers I've seen, it appears Chris Nolan has taken the first and second Superman movies that starred the late Christopher Reeve and morphed them into one, probably over-long knowing him, epic. It clearly starts on Krypton where, to have their baby son from their dying planet, his father Jor-El and mother torpedo their baby Kal-El to earth before their planet is destroyed. When his transport crashes in the field of Mr. and Mrs. Kent's farm (Kevin Costner is Mr. Kent, don't know who Mrs. is), they, a childless couple, find the baby boy and take him in to raise as their own. They name him Clark, and as he grows up it's clear he's not like other boys, with herculean strength and seeming invincibility among other traits. In one episode it appears he lifts a sinking school bus to save drowning children all by his lonesome. This part of the story seems to pretty much replicate not only the first Superman film, but also the first episode of the 1950's TV series with George Reeves as well as the early serial with Kirk Allyn, apparently as gleaned from the first comic book as well. In this new film, however, Nolan brings General Zod, an evil guy from another world which apparently was responsible for the destruction of Krypton, to earth with a couple of equally evil henchmen, and this is what Nolan took from the second Superman with Reeve, where Zod was played wonderfully by Terrence Stamp. He was the villain in the 2nd Reeve film, as I said, not the first which had a villain played by Gene Hackman and who was very much of this planet and who had a dim-witted henchman. Nolan, apparently wanting to be an equal-opportunity pilferer, decided to steal the first part of his film from the first Reeve effort and the send part from the second one. I suggest watching the first 2 Chris Reeve Superman's before you go see this one, 'cause there's clearly a lot stolen from both films. Don't bother with 3 and 4 'cause they were crap, sort of like what happened with Michael Keaton's "Batman" efforts, first two were great, 3 and 4 total overblown garbage. Something tells me you'll find the Reeve "Superman"'s more satisfying than this new Nolan thing, if only because the reeve ones concentrated on telling a good story, whereas all Nolan worries about is the spectacle and how much CGI he can cram into it. I will say, though, that Nolan's new superman looks more like the Superman of the original comics than any since, though Reeve was quite a hunk, as was poor Brandon Routh, whose "Superman Returns" was totally pointless and a huge mistake.

    Anyway, short answer: this new film follows the first part of the Superman story as it's always been presented since the character's creation, while the second snatches from the 2nd Reeve "Superman", at least in the villain arena.

    Oh, I should mention that the reason Zod and his band of merry death-dealers have come here in the first place, other than the obligatory enslavement of all mankind of course, is because he's gotten wind that Krypton's destruction did not wipe out its entire population after all and that, not only did one survive, but he's right here on planet Earth and needs to be similarly dispatched.

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