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Anonymous asked in Pregnancy & ParentingOther - Pregnancy & Parenting · 7 years ago

how many words can you make out of Marah's Baby Shower?

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    The words in Marah's Baby Shower of length of at least 2 are:

    ma mr ms mb my mo

    me am ar ah as ay

    ra rh rs rb re ha

    ho he sm sr sh sb

    so se ba br by be

    yb yo ye or oh os

    ob ow wm we em er

    eh es mar mas may mao

    maw mae mrs m's mys mob

    mow moe mes mew amy arm

    ara are aha a's ash ***

    abe aye awe ram ray raw

    rae rho r's rye rob roy

    row roe ham has hay hah

    haw h'm h's hos hob how

    hoe hem her hes hey hew

    sam say saw shy she s's

    sob soy sos sow sea sew

    bmw bar baa bah bay bra

    brr b's bye boa bob boy

    bow yam yaw y's yea yes

    yew oar ora orb ore orr

    ohm ohs o's owe war was

    way wry why who w's wyo

    woe web ems ear era err

    e's ebb mara mars mary mare

    ma's mash mass maya mays mayo

    maws mr's ms's mb's myra more

    mo's moss mobs mows mesa mesh

    mess meow mews am's amos arms

    army arab ar's area ares aa's

    ahab ahoy ahem ashy ashe ab's

    abby ay's ayes awry away awes

    aery rama rams ra's rash rays

    rare rh's rhea rb's rome roam

    roar rosa rosy ross rose robs

    robe rows rowe roes rory ream

    rear re's reba hams harm hare

    haas hash hays haws homy home

    ho's hose hobs hows howe hoes

    hems hear hera hers herb hero

    he's hess hews sm's same sara

    sars saar saab says sash saws

    sr's sham shah shaw show shoe

    shea shes sb's some soar sore

    so's sobs soya sosa sows swam

    swab sway sw's seam sear seas

    sera serb se's sews bm's bars

    barb bare barr baas ba's bash

    bass base baby babe bays bras

    bray br's brow brew bs's bb's

    by's byes bomb boar boas bore

    bohr bosh boss bose bobs boys

    bows boer beam bear berm be's

    bess yams yaws yb's yore year

    yeah yeas yews omar oars orbs

    ores ohms oh's ohsa o'er ob's

    obey owes wm's warm wars wary

    ware wash ways wham whys whom

    whoa whey womb worm wore woes

    wear webs webb em's ears easy

    erma eras er's eros errs ebay

    ebro ebbs mar's marsh mares marry

    mayra mayas may's maybe mayor mayer

    mao's maw's mae's mba's myrrh myers

    moray morse mores mossy mosey moses

    mob's mow's mower moe's merry mesas

    messy meows mew's amass amber amy's

    amway ameba arm's armor ara's arabs

    araby arbor aroma arose areas are's

    array arrow asama ash's ashes assam

    assay abm's abram abash abase abhor

    abbas abbey abyss abeam abe's ayers

    aye's aware awash awe's ram's rambo

    ramos ray's raw's rawer rae's rares

    rhyme rheas rye's rom's romes roams

    roars roses rob's robby robes roy's

    row's rower roe's rem's reams rearm

    rears rehab hmo's ham's harms harsh

    harem hares harry haber hay's hayes

    haw's homer homes homey hoary horsy

    horse hosea hoses hob's hobbs hobby

    how's hoe's hem's hears her's herbs

    heros smash smear samar sam's samba

    samoa sames sarah sabre saber say's

    sasha saw's shams shame share shahs

    shrew shy's shyer shore showy shows

    shoes shear she's sheba soars sores

    sorer sorry sob's sober soy's sow's

    sower swarm swabs sways swash swore

    swear seamy seams sears sea's serbs

    serra bmw's bar's barbs bares barer

    barry baa's basra basho basso baser

    bases babar babes bay's bayer bayes

    brahe bra's brash brass brays brows

    brews byers bye's bombs boars boa's

    bores borer bossy bob's boy's boyer

    bow's bower boers beams bears berms

    berra berry besom yam's yaw's years

    yeahs yea's yes's yew's omaha oar's

    oas's oases ora's orb's ore's orr's

    ohm's obama obeys warms war's wares

    way's wryer whams why's whore who's

    whose wombs worms wormy worse worry

    woe's wears weary web's emory ear's

    era's essay ebb's

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