Do you prefer Liam or Noel Gallagher?

From the band Oasis.

Please give reasoning if possible.

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  • 8 years ago
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    I prefer Liam's voice but Noel's songwriting during Oasis. I prefer Beady Eye to High Flying Birds, although neither is as good as Oasis. Liam is a far better front man and performer than Noel.

    If we're going from what we know of them then I'd argue that Liam is unappreciated. Both men are far more clever and witty than they want people to think, they were given the label of the drunk men from Manchester who got into fights at the beginning of Oasis. Both of them played up to this for a laugh and because it gave them publicity. Liam just never got bored of playing to it.

    Both were also misquoted and taken out of context a lot. Most of the arrogant stories and claims of divinity were jokes taken the wrong way. Liam seems to be disliked more in general so the media caters to this by making him seem worse than he is. If you watch interviews with both of them both come across as very normal and likeable.

    Noel seems to be more prone to criticising Liam to the media than the other way round, Noel also started most of the fights and would insult other bands more in their day.

    Noel was also more of a control freak, supposedly having complete control of the band and deciding who sang what, what songs went on the album etc. He left the band (and declared it split up) after other members started writing songs and the power was split equally.

    Also, bear in mind that the band stayed with Liam, Liam is still in touch with old band members and their old managers etc. People who've met the band tend to say that Liam is far more approachable and likeable.

    Overall I don't see the point in taking sides though

  • I'm not going to judge them base on attitude or anything since I never knew their background much back then. Instead, I'll only judge by their vocals

    I was on 8 or 9 years old when I followed Oasis. Wonderwall was the very first song that listened and watch on TV. Now I'm 28 and honestly back then, I didn't know about Liam then and would definitely have not recognized the band if Liam was the singer but when I saw and heard Noel's voice, Oasis pops up into my mind right away

    Since I never knew his name back then, I always called Noel sunglass man because he always wears his sunglasses in his music videos. Years later after watching 'The Importance of Being Idle' video, thats when I start to be a bit confuse at first but then realized that there were 2 singers in Oasis all along

    However, I still love listening to Noel's songs more than Liam but thats not to say that Liam's singing are bad. Its just that I like listening to Noel better

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    He is PERFECT. He wrote most of the songs. When he was attacked in Toronto and broke three ribs he got back on stage to power through 6 more songs. When Liam was hit on the head by a bottle he sat down and had a bit of a silk and Noel had to take over for a bit until Liam pulled himself together. He is funnier. I love his opinions. I love his interviews. His daughter and two sons are gorgeous.

    Why do I not like Liam as much?

    He wrote how many songs? 3? 1 was terrible, 1 was alright, 1 was brill I'll give him that. He smashed Noel's favourite guitar against a wall. He threw fruits at Noel. He was a bit of a nutcase. He was always trying to be John Lennon, when John is John and Liam is Liam. He can't seem to do proper interviews like Noel can. He made Noel EXTREMELY upset during Oasis' last days.

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  • 4 years ago

    I love Liam and I love Noel.. I love Noel because he's a great song writer and I love Liam cos he's a great character and peraonality, the guy is a legend

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  • Sheena
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    8 years ago

    as in, I only have one bullet?

    Liam has always annoyed me. he's very whiny, and doesn't contribute much.

    I always preferred Noels voice (and I do have a soft spot for Half the World Away) and the occasions when Liam had a whiny little tantrum and didn't bother showing up to promotional events, leaving Noel to sing, that was actually better than Liam singing.

    and he did write and play, even if the songs were pretty basic.

    so I prefer Noel.

    even if he most distractingly looks just like Parker from the Thunderbirds.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Prefer is not the word I'd use, I suppose I dislike Noel less than Liam - a little bit

  • Noel anyday, he wrote most of the songs, and sang don't look back in anger.

    The twos qualities were highlighted when they went solo, beady eye is rubbish, high flying birds are amazing

  • 8 years ago

    I prefer their sister Kirsty

  • 8 years ago

    Neither please.

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