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Nik richie(Aquarius) and. Shayne lamas (scorpio) , will they divorce?

Why do Aquarius drive scorpios nuts? Aquarius takes advantage of Scorpios woman's loyalty. Aqua loves running around and Scorpio craves consistency and and constancy. You think they will divorce? They were on celebrity couple rehab. Aqua man is automatically attracted to voluptuous blonde and sees maternal instinct in Scorpio. Aqua smart lie that . Scorpio is attracted to aqua's macho take charge attitude. But then when "real life hits" is aqua smothered by Scorpio and dies slowly in silence too proud to show raw emotion?

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    I assure you it has nothing to do with where the planets were when they were born. Trust me

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    It could make experience considering that Scorpio has to do with dying and beginning due to the fact that it is associated with the eighth residence. There are not any Scorpios in my loved ones except for my cousin [born November 13], so i'm not certain.

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