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彩逢 asked in 社會及文化語言 · 8 years ago

大發雷霆和雷霆萬鈞有同義嗎 ?

大發雷霆和雷霆萬鈞有同義嗎 ?

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    8 years ago
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    be furious; bawl at sb. angrily; become very angry; be excited with anger;be in a blaze of passion; be wildly excited; blow one's top (at sb.); breakinto a furious rage; fall into a violent passion; flip one's lid [wig]; fly[go] into a rage; fly into a tremendous passion; have a fit; on the warpath;open [pour out] the floodgate of wrath; pour out the vials of one's wrath on...; raise the roof; show a great deal of temper; show one's teeth; throw afit; thunder against ... ·The policecommissioner is on the warpath because the suspect hasn't been found.·警务处长大发雷霆, 因为嫌疑犯尚未找到。·When hecame in and saw the mess, he blew his stack.·当他进来看到一团糟时,大发雷霆。釋義·霆:暴雷;雷霆:震耳的雷聲。形容大發脾氣;高聲怒斥別人。 . an irresistible force; a crushing blow; a devastating punch; as powerfulas a thunderbolt; with the force of a thunderbolt ·釋義·雷霆:暴雷;霹靂;鈞:古代的重量單位;一鈞合15公斤。形容威力極大;不可阻擋。

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    拼音: léi tíng wàn jūn 簡拼: ltwj

    近義詞: 排山倒海、雷厲風行、大張旗鼓反義詞: 和風細雨、溫文爾雅、微乎其微

    用法: 主謂式;作賓語、定語;形容力量強大

    解釋: 霆:急雷;鈞:古代重量單位,三十斤為一鈞。形容威力極大,無法阻擋。

    出處: 東漢·班固《漢書·賈山傳》:“雷霆之所擊,無不摧折者;萬鈞之所壓,無不糜滅者。”

    例子: 唯獨共產主義的思想體系和社會制度正以排山倒海之勢,~之力,磅礴於全世界,……(毛澤東《新民主主義論》)Undo editsAlpha大發雷霆

    拼音: dà fā léi tíng 簡拼: dflt

    近義詞: 勃然大怒、暴跳如雷、怒形於色、怒不可遏反義詞: 平心靜氣、心平氣和、和顏悅色

    用法: 動賓式;作謂語;指大發脾氣,大聲​​斥責

    解釋: 霆:呼雷,喻震怒。比喻大發脾氣,大聲​​斥責。

    出處: 明·凌濛初《初刻拍案驚奇》第15卷:“陳秀才大發雷霆。”

    例子: 不知說了一句甚麼話,符老爺登時~起來,把那獨腳桌子一掀。 (清·吳趼人《二十年目睹之怪現狀》第七十四回)

    Source(s): 兩者不是同義詞
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