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"A Bar with a spectacular night view attached to the Banquet Hall "YODO""

想說的是在Banquet Hall "YODO",附設有可以觀賞迷人夜景的Bar.



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    Your phrase uses the Bar as the subject. Therefore a verb phrase can be added after it to further describe the Bar. Also, the phrase try to zoom out from the bar to the Banquet Hall Yodo, but the "with a spectacular night view" in the middle interrupts the effect of zooming. This is undesirable but can be corrected by:

    "The bar attached to the Banquet Hall Yodo has a spectacular night view."

    If your sentence aim to bring tourists from the Hall to the Bar, then you should use:

    "The Banquet Hall Yodo includes a bar, in which visitors can have a spectacular night view."

    In short, how you arrange the three elements in the sentence depends on what effect you want to make on readers. With three elements, I do not recommend you to combine the three elements as a phrase. This will force the fourth element to be included in the same sentence, and make it clumsy to read or listen to.

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    重寫"A Bar with a spectacular night view attached to the Banquet Hall "YODO""

    翻譯「在Banquet Hall "YODO",附設有可以觀賞迷人夜景的Bar. 」時,我會用annex寫附設,appreciate the view寫觀賞,enchanting寫迷人和night scenery 寫夜景。


    "Annexed to Banquet Hall "YODO"is a bar where people can appreciate the view of enchanting night scenery."

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    Source(s): with the bar upstairs rather than annexed to the restaurant- Enjoy a Tour of Kyoto’s Enchanting Night Scenery-
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    Mainly on the Bar;

    The greatly appreaciate bar, attached to the Banquet Hall "YODO"

    , has a spectacular night view.

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