Im i bisexual or is it just a crush? And should I tell my boyfriend.?

My best friend is bisexual. It was my first time seeing her kiss a girl, so i ask her how could she kiss a girl. Becuz to me its nasty. So she said maybe i should kiss you. I just sat there and she got closer to me and started to rub on me. She lean in the kiss me but i back away. Then she place her hand on the inside of my thigh which turn me on. Then she lean in to kiss me again and this time i let her kiss me. We start making out. Then she start rubbing on me down there. Then she tried to pull my panties off to perform oral on me but i stop her. Im mean she my friend we been friend since forever. She always been cute to me,sexy. She look like paula patton who is very sexy. And when she was kissing on me i liked it and i did wanted her to give me oral but i have a boyfriend.I wouldnt mind if she gave me oral but i wouldnt give her oral. And also should i tell my boyfriend?

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    8 years ago
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    i don't think you're bi. i think you're just horny. no offense. unless you get butterflies for her, she makes you nervous, and you can't stop thinking about her (or any other girl) then you're not bi.

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