How to achieve blurry background with Fujifilm finepix s4250?

Is there a way to achieve a blurry background with the fujifilm finepix s4250? I'm new at photography and don't quite understand much about shutter speed, iso, or aperture. I would really love to achieve this naturally rather than have to use photoshop. If this is possible and you have this camera what settings do you use? Thanks so much!!

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  • Nick
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    7 years ago
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    In order to achieve what you want, you should learn the basics of the exposure triangle - shutter, aperture, and ISO. I don't have this camera, and I'm not sure about the specs, but considering it's a bridge camera, you probably have aperture priority mode. This will be denoted by the letter "A" on the top dial. While in this mode, adjust to the widest aperture while taking note of the shutter, making sure it goes no lower than 1/125. If you can't achieve this, adjust the ISO until you can. The longer you zoom in, the more blurry your backgrounds will be. Try to shoot at the longest telephoto zoom you can. Hope this helps, have fun.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

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