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Is it me, or is God like sooo egotisitical!?

I mean, even his name is God or "I am." When DID he get that name anyway, and he obviously named himself, or was he always named that, thus never naming himself that? Ironic, I know, ya. :)

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    If we're talking about the Christian God, that particular deity acquired the name "God" after the conquest of the Saxons. When Christianity left Rome and spread westward in Europe and the native pagans were forcibly converted, they were keenly unwilling to give up their old gods. The word "God" is actually a loan-word from the Germanics, derived from the same root that we get the name for the god "Odin", since they tried to merely replace the old god with the new one.

    (Coincidentally, for this same reason we celebrate Christmas: it was adapted from existing pagan traditions in order to draw people away from their popular seasonal festivities. The Winter Solstice around the end of December was often celebrated by pagans, often by decorating trees, yule logs, mistletoe, etc. Easter is similarly pagan in origin. Decorating eggs at the beginning of spring was an ancient pagan tradition, as eggs symbolized rebirth and potential. None of these trace to the Christian tradition in the Middle East, and historically many Christian societies banned the celebrating of these holidays for the very fact that they were pagan in origin.).

    Etymologically, the word "God" doesn't even historically emerge from the same religious region. It finds its earliest provenance in sanskrit "gheut", which means something along the lines of "that which is summoned by offering libations".

    So in actuality, "God" is absolutely not the name that would have been used, say, in the time of Jesus. Jesus himself, being a Palestinian Jew, would have spoken in Aramaic and likely referred to his deity as "Elaha".

    So what is the actual name of God? Well, based on scripture it's often attributed as "I AM", or in Hebrew "Ehyeh-asher-ehyeh", or "I am what I am" (must've liked watching Popeye?). There are lots of other names as well, such as "YHVH", originally intended to be unpronounceable but eventually corrupted into its modern "Yahweh" of "Jehovah". The Bible also awkwardly lists his name as "Jealous". Besides this, there are dozens of titles to refer to him in Hebrew, such as "Hashem", "Adonai", "El-Shaddai", "El Elyon", etc.

    I think it's funny when some folks say not to take the Lord's name in vain, because what exactly IS his name anyways? Apparently we're supposed to be careful about it, but people seem fine using a corrupted pagan loan-word to refer to him all the time. :P

  • Gods name is not god. Its a word WE use to describe him. And he is the only one of his kind so he needs no actual name. instead we name him using our language like we name every thing. When some one asks who he is there is no real answer because we can not comprehend what he is so he just says that he is what he is. Thats not egotistic unless calling yourself human is egotistic.

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    Imagine if Obama threw people into a lake full of lava for not bowing down to him properly!

    There'd be mass protests and uprisings.

    But for some reason people just say, "What? God did it? Oh, then it's fine."

    Why are all morals suddenly tossed aside when regarding deities?

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    Spirits really are like that. I have one in me that has been drawing me into arguments since 1987.

    They are stuck on themselves because of their significance. They are un-yielding when dealing with us.

    Control issues. Power trip.

    I hate spirits.

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    God gives you free will to kick and scream for the rest of your physical life

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    His identify Jehovah derived from an expression that he used to describe himself to Moses - "i'm that i am" for elaboration Google "tetragrammaton" Exd three:13 ¶ And Moses stated unto God, Behold, [when] I come unto the youngsters of Israel, and shall say unto them, The God of your fathers hath sent me unto you; and so they shall say to me, What [is] his title? What shall I say unto them? Exd three:14 And God mentioned unto Moses, i'm that i am: and he mentioned, accordingly shalt thou say unto the youngsters of Israel, i'm hath despatched me unto you. God is making a robust factor. There is only one of him. So he does now not desire a title. He prefers being recognized for whom he is - God

  • the flying spoon named him on the 40th day of custard.

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