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How to wear my hair/makeup to Choir Banquet?

Hello! So tomorrow night I'm going to my Choir banquet where they give awards and show pictures from the year, eat dinner, dance, ect. And I'd like to look good.

This is the dress I'm wearing:

If you can't see it good enough it's a dull light bluish greyish color, kind of like Steel and it the swirls are silver glitter. I have eyeshadow about that color but I don't know what to do with it.

and this is what I look like:

The one where I'm not looking at the camera and smiling with curly hair is my most recent. All the others are two months old or more, my hair is obviously lighter and has a few blonde highlights.

my hair is naturally pretty straight (I still straighten it) and It's really hard for me to curl it myself. In the most recent picture my friend curled it.

So anything like hair, makeup, anything you think would look good, please let me know! (pictures or a video attatched would really help but if not please try to go into as much detail as you can, thanks!)


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    7 years ago
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    I think you will look absolutely beautiful! Wear the dress an straighten your hair!

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  • deleo
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    3 years ago

    Hmm : ) possibly see how your hair seems curly, or in a bun or bouffant or something! as for makeup, for particular events I even have lengthy eyelashes, each so often fake ones slightly of liquid eyeliner eyeshadoww, of a style of humm not gold yet lightish gold shade and black pencil on the backside lid, commencing place&& concealer in case you have have been given blemishes somewhat powder, and a few sparkling lipgloss. : )

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