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Beyonce's hair in pepsi commercial?

Exactly what type of hair color did beyonce have?

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    Twitter her hairstylist, and I'm pretty sure NOT even Beyonce knows herself.

    For Beyonce's Hair in H&M Commercial:

    Beyoncé doesn't let anyone — not even her sponsors — decide her hairstyles. And she has different hair in every commercial. Each do was the product of Beyoncé herself and her retinue of hair handlers — the client did not have a say in it.

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    The photos you see in the magazine ads or TV advertisements, took a lot of manipulation: hairstylists to do hair, photographers & his assistants to adjust lighting, and several shots of films, and the model 8 hours to be photographed. . . . with professional hairstylist standing by, to do touch ups. There are no touch-ups, when you do your own hair, and you're going outside in the wind, rain, etc. . . . that flattens and pollute the hair even more. Another reason, why the hair industry is a trillion dollar business.

    If it's a video, 3 cameras and mirrors so you can see how you look while you're being videotaped. It's the trick for the hair industry to sell and temp the buyers. Their job is to make tons of money, but they don't tell you everything why, what, when and how. They also don't give you money back guarantee for damaged hair. Why do they do that? Because they’ll do anything to convince suckers like us to shell out for a 'magical product'.

    My hair? Took 4 mins. or less to style, 1 cell phone, bathroom lighting and 3 mins. to download online.

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