How much would you bet on the winner of the Champion's Trophy at the following odds?

England 5.00
South Africa 5.50
Australia 6.00
India 7.00
Pakistan 7.50
West Indies 8.00
Sri Lanka 8.50
New Zealand 13.00

I'd place $50 on Australia.
Update: @ HDB: The odds are from Centrebet's CT futures as of half an hour or so ago. If I was betting with my head and not my heart I'd have a punt on SL at $8.50 to be honest. I think they're a better chance than second last.
Update 2: Edit: Meow = Symantak. Yes?

Symantak - you have $9.20 left. I've placed it on India.
Ardash - you have $14.00 left (blame RCB!), I've placed it on SA.

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