great new/used classical guitar for beginner (girl) under 500 dollars?

Hi folks

i am a classical guitar beginner and i am looking for a good classical guitar whether new or used, and my budget is under 500 dollars.

i look it up in internet but there's so many brands like Codorba, Alhambra, Manuel Rodriguez,etc. as well so many series and i have no idea what should i choose..but i know i want a guitar that i won't discard it in several months.

sorry i know this is a question been asked all the time, but i really need help to choose my first classical guitar. please help me with it! :D

Thank you!


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    The best way to find out what guitar is the best for you, is by going to a shop, and trying out the different models from the different makers. No two guitars will sound exactly the same, even within same model line. This is due to differences in the density of wood, and the grain of the wood itself, even if it comes from the same tree, and same section of the tree. As to a good guitar, you will want to look at for a new one somewhere above the two hundred twenty five dollar range, anything from one hundred to two hundred fifty dollars is in the decent quality range.

    When you try different guitars, one of the most important aspects is the feel and more specifically the neck, and how it feels when you hold it. You can and will find different neck widths, which affect the comfort, of how the feel is. The body will also play a role in comfort, when you sit and hold it, as well as when you're standing, all of that should be taken into consideration, while trying out the different makers, and model lines. Even the body styles vary, and this will also affect the way the guitar feels. This is why each person should handle, and try out different models and styles. Then the sound comes in as a very close second.

    Here are some brands to check out, Dean, Eastman, Fender, Gibson (and their Epiphone line), Gretsch, Heritage, Ibanez, Jasmine, Martin, Mitchell, Ovation, Rickenbacher, Seagull, Takamie, Taylor, Washburn, and Yamaha. The makers that I listed, are some of the better quality makers of guitars. Each will have different lines and models to select from, and try out. Selecting a guitar is also very much a personal thing, as each person will look for the aspects, and qualities that they want in the guitar. Anyone can recommend a brand, or model type, but the final choice should be that of the person buying it, based on what they found by testing out different ones.

    Here's a list of some things to buy, string wipes, an extra set, or two of strings, and a set of picks if you're goiung to be using a pick. However if you go with a pick, then try various hardnesses of picks, to find the one(s) you like best. Some other options to consider are a good cleaning cloth, a surface cleaner made for cleaning the guitar, and a small bottle of lemon oil, for the fret board, to use once, but not more than twice a year, to keep the fret board, from drying out, and cracking. Optional would be a tuner for your guitar, until you learn to tune by ear. Also some pegs for the strings as it can be easy to loose them when changing out strings.

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    Best Classical Guitar Under 500

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    Depends on what type of guitar you want. I can find you lots of them, but did you want a really pretty one with lots of embellishment and originality, or one with high quality sound, but is quite plain? You're a beginner so I doubt you want an amazing guitar that might be over budget though.

    Beginner budget would be $100-$200.

    I personally LOVE Luna guitars, but unfortunately they don't sell classical guitars. :(

    Anyways, here are some name-brand classical guitars at great prices of the best ratings....

    There's soo many choices :) Just go onto this page, and there are 100s.

    Hope I helped!

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